Job schedulers, Coroutines, Asynchronous and Type safe threads libs and frameworks written in Swift

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aojet Aojet Aojet is an actor model implemetion for swift. Features Asynchronous, non-blocking and highly performant message-driven programming model Safe as well as efficient messaging Message order

jmfieldman NOTE Brisk is being mothballed due to general incompatibilities with modern version of Swift. I recommend checking out ReactiveSwift, which solves many of the issues that prompted me to make Brisk in the first place. Swi

tidwall Features Simple Atomic<T> class for numbers and strings. Uncomplicated dispatch keyword for firing off background routines. Awesome Chan<T> for concurrent communication. Useful sync APIs. M

typelift Concurrent Concurrent is a collection of functional concurrency primitives inspired by Concurrent ML and Concurrent Haskell. Traditional approaches to concurrency like locks, latches, and semaphores all fall under the

JohnSundell Flow Flow is a lightweight Swift library for doing operation oriented programming. It enables you to easily define your own, atomic operations, and also contains an exensive library of ready-to-use operations that c