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Smart, beauftil and elegant tools to help you create command line applications.

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ninxsoft A Mac command-line tool to automate the downloading of your Jamf Nation assets.

arthurpalves A command line tool that creates variants of your icon by adding badge overlays

SwiftDocOrg A Swift package for working with Git, built on top of libgit2.

erica I wrote this to demonstrate simple functionality for command-line development including flag-like support and some decent user feedback.

neil-wu SwiftDump is a command-line tool for retriving the Swift Object info from Mach-O file.

rikumi iconsur is a command line tool to easily generate macOS Big Sur styled adaptive icons for third-party apps.

apple Swift Argument Parser Usage Begin by declaring a type that defines the information you need to collect from the command line. Decorate each stored property with one of ArgumentParser's property wrappers, and declare

Flight-School ner ner is a command-line utility for performing named entity recognition (NER) on text. You can use it to extract names of people, places, and organizations from standard input or file arguments. $ echo "Designed by A

Cosmo HackMan HackMan is a simple tool for generating boilerplate code directly via the command line. Let hackman do the boring work and save some time. Hackman is heavily inspired by the rails command. Insta

namolnad Finch 🐦 Finch is a configurable tool designed to make tracking the history and evolution of a product simple and easy to automate. It transforms a project's Git commit messages into well-formatted version c

spotify XCLogParser XCLogParser is a CLI tool that parses the SLF serialization format used by Xcode and xcodebuild to store its Build and Test logs (xcactivitylog files). You can find more information about the format used

mxcl Chalk Terminal colors using Swift 5’s string interpolation extensions. import Chalk // @mxcl ~> 0.3 let colorString = "blue" print("Here’s \(colorString, color: .blue)!") Styles, Backgrounds, Exten

rockbruno πŸ“Š SwiftInfo SwiftInfo is a CLI tool that extracts, tracks and analyzes metrics that are useful for Swift apps. Besides the default tracking options that are shipped with the tool, you can also customize Swif

AlwaysRightInstitute Shell Module exposing Unix command line tools as Swift 5 @dynamicCallable functions A few words of warning: This is intended as a demo. It should work just fine, but in the name of error handling and proper Swift be

eneko SourceDocs SourceDocs is a command line tool that generates markdown documentation files from inline source code comments. Similar to Sphinx or Jazzy, SourceDocs parses your Swift source code and generates b

rsyncOSX RsyncOSX The Changelog. If you want to discuss changes or report bugs please create an issue. Read about the --delete parameter (below) to rsync before using rsync and RsyncOSX. RsyncOSX is a GUI on top of t

ios-control ios-deploy Install and debug iOS apps from the command line. Designed to work on un-jailbroken devices. Requirements Mac OS X. Tested on 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra, iOS 9.0 and iOS 10.0 You need t

agens-no swiff Why not let the computer do all that diffing of timestamps you tend to do manually? πŸ‘‹ Usage Live with any command command | swiff Try it out while true

messeb Setup an iOS project environment Nowadays an iOS project is more than only a *.xcodeproj file with some self-written Objective-C or Swift files. We have a lot of direct and indirect external dependencies in our projec

cats-oss Command Utility JIRA Installation Clone this repository and run $ git clone $ cd cujira $ ./ Usage 1.

louisdh OpenTerm (Previously called Terminal for iOS) About OpenTerm is a sandboxed command line interface for iOS. Commands included: awk cat

louisdh OpenTerm (Previously called Terminal for iOS) About OpenTerm is a sandboxed command line interface for iOS. Commands included: awk cat

yonaskolb Beak 🐦 Peck into your Swift files from the command line Beak can take a standard Swift file and then list and run any public global functions in it via a command line interface. This is useful for script

pojala Termipal The Unix command line is powerful... But interactivity isn't its strong suit. There are text-mode UIs like curses, but they're not easy to develop, feel archaic to many users and can't interface with the deskto

dylanslewis Welcome to stylesync, a command line tool that extracts text and colour styles from a Sketch document, and generates native code for your project's platform, language and style. Why? A unified desig

yonaskolb Mint 🌱 A package manager that installs and runs Swift command line tool packages. $ mint run realm/[email protected] swiftlint This would install and run SwiftLint version 0.22.0 Mint is designed to b

inquisitiveSoft XCAssetPacker XCAssetPacker is a command line tool to create an Xcode .xcasset package from a folder of images. Installation The easiest way to get up and running is to use homebrew: brew install inquisitive

yonaskolb XcodeGen XcodeGen is a command line tool that generates your Xcode project using your folder structure and a simple project spec. The project spec is a YAML or JSON file that defines your targets,

kiliankoe CLISpinner 60+ spinners for use in the terminal Shamelessly ripped off from sindresorhus/cli-spinners. Install .package(url: "", from: "see latest release")

pixyzehn PackageBuilder PackageBuilder builds a simple command-line structure by SwiftPM. Inspired by JohnSundell/SwiftPlate. PackageBuilder originally created by using PackageBuilder. See also Building a command line tool us

JohnSundell 🐚 ShellOut Welcome to ShellOut, a simple package that enables you to easily β€œshell out” from a Swift script or command line tool. Even though you can accomplish most of the tasks you need to do in native Swift

chrishannah cwiki Wikipedia searching from the command line! Installation (This probably isn't the best way, but here it goes) Download the latest version of cwiki -

keith reminders-cli A simple CLI for interacting with OS X reminders. Usage: Show all lists $ reminders show-lists Soon Eventually Show reminders on a specific list $ reminders show Soon 0