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Quality always matters. Code checkers, memory vigilants, syntastic sugars and more.

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itlijunjie CrashAnalyse iOS crash log analysis, provinces knock various commands. The function that needs to be completed (first select the input file) 1. First check if the file exists, command line file (providing a

codytwinton SwiftyVIPER SwiftyVIPER allows easy use of VIPER architecture throughout your iOS application. VIPER Architecture What is VIPER? Great question! VIPER is a backronym which stands for: Vie

yopeso Taylor ⚠️ Taylor is DEPRECATED. Use SwiftLint instead. A tool aimed to increase Swift code quality, by checking for conformance to code metrics. Taylor uses SourceKitten to a more accurate AST represen

attaswift GlueKit ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This project is in a prerelease state. There is active work going on that will result in API changes that can/will break code while things are finished. Use with ca

square Aardvark Aardvark is a library that makes it dead simple to create actionable bug reports. Getting started There are only three steps to get Aardvark logging and bug reporting up and running.

Legoless Alpha is the idea of a next generation debugging framework for iOS applications. It combines multiple debugging tools built on top of a simple, unified API. It lives entirely in your application sandbox and collects i

Buglife Buglife is an awesome bug reporting SDK & web platform for iOS apps. For more info, visit In a hurry? Try out our iOS Demo project! Installation CocoaPods To integrate Buglife into yo

VojtaStavik Trackable Trackable is a simple analytics integration helper library. It’s especially designed for easy and comfortable integration with existing projects. Main features: Easy integration to exist

facebook FBRetainCycleDetector An iOS library that finds retain cycles using runtime analysis. About Retain cycles are one of the most common ways of creating memory leaks. It's incredibly easy to create a retai

krzysztofzablocki iOS Project bootstrap How do you setup your iOS projects? Since we are approaching 2015 I’m working on refreshing my project bootstrap. I’ve decided to open source it so other can benefit or contribute. I think it