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francescoleoni98 FLCharts FLCharts is an easy-to-use library to build highly customizable bar charts. It allows you to create your own chart bar UIView and use it to d

HarshilShah Clocks I came across this digital clock composed out of a set of analog clocks, created by Humans Since 1982, in a tweet, so I decided to remake it in

JohnSundell A Swift playground that comes pre-loaded with Plot, so that you can quickly try out the library and its new, SwiftUI-like API for building HTML pages.

Chronaemia Graphing library for SwiftUI (WIP)

spacenation SwiftUI Charts with custom styles

lludo SwiftUI library to easily render diagrams given a tree of objects. Similar to ring chart, sunburst chart, multilevel pie chart.

mecid A simple line and bar charting library that supports accessibility written using SwiftUI.

saeipi 适用于股票/区块链交易所等种类App。Swift5编写,CPU/内存占用率极低,60FPS稳定运行。示例集成websocket,并接入币安数据(需VPN)。

sanchgoel This project allows you to create a spider web chart with gradient. Screenshots are attached below.

peterent This project shows one way to use SwiftUI to make some simple charts. There is a ColumnChart, a BarChart, a LineChart, and a PieChart that animate when their data changes. The data for these charts is an array of Double values tha

CoderWQYao WQCharts WQCharts highly customizable and easy to use chart library for iOS Installation There are four ways to use WQCharts in your project: Installation with CocoaPods pod 'WQCharts'

AppPear ChartView made in SwiftUI

haojianzong A simple yet beautiful bar chart view for iOS powered by UIStackView. Written in Swift.

KarthikRIyer Table of contents Overview License How to include the library in your package How to include the library in your Jupyter Notebook How to setup Docker instance for SwiftPlot Examples Simple

iBlacksus BSChart Installation Download whole project Drag the folder BSChart into your project Available loading charts from JSON files (see Demo) and creating objects manually

Zomato dr-charts Easy to use, customizable and interactive charts library for iOS in Objective-C Features: Multiple chart types Line / Multiple lines / Lines Parallel To X and Y -Axis Circ

cagricolak Core Charts | Basic Chart Library for iOS HCoreBarChart VCoreBarChart Requirements Installation Usage Appearance Customization Getting Started

natmark ProcessingKit ProcessingKit is a Visual designing library for iOS & OSX. ProcessingKit written in Swift 🐧 and you can write like processing. Demo Demo Apps

gpbl SwiftChart A simple line / area charting library for iOS, written in Swift. 📈 Line and area charts 🌞 Multiple series 🌒 Partially filled series 🏊 Works with signed D

romandanylyk ChartView ChartView is an example project of using ValueAnimator in custom view drawing. If you are new in Android and want to learn more about canvas drawing you can check medium story about it, and also this one, t

VRGsoftUA SMDiagramViewSwift Meet cute and very flexibility library for iOS application for different data view in one circle diagram. The opportunity of transformation of this sample make application interactive, colorful with w

nhatminh12369 LineChart This code demonstrate a way to build your own line chart without using any third-party library. It contains a simple yet effective algorithm to build a curved line through a set of points. I don't recommend yo

ABTSoftware SciChart.iOS Examples Examples and Tutorials for SciChart.iOS: High Performance Realtime iOS Chart Library Repository Contents: In Examples directory you'll find a simple example app which showcases all th

sakrist VBPieChart Animated Pie Chart control for iOS apps, based on CALayer. Very easy in use and have custom labeling. Usage Create simple pi chart with VBPieChart: VBPieChart *chart = [[VBPieCh

nhatminh12369 BarChart This is an extremely light-weight, animatable bar chart. The main objective is to help iOS developers to learn how to create their own charts from scratch without using any third-party libraries. It is created

Boris-Em BEMSimpleLineGraph BEMSimpleLineGraph makes it easy to create and customize line graphs for iOS. BEMSimpleLineGraph is a charting library that makes it easy to create beautiful line graphs for iOS. It is

kevinzhow PNChart You can also find swift version at here A simple and beautiful chart lib with animation used in Piner and CoinsMan for iOS Requirements PNChart works o

JunyiXie XJYChart XJYChart - A High-performance, Elegant, Easy-to-integrate Charting Framework. The Best iOS Objc Charts. chart more beautiful support chart scroll support chart area fill support chart

zemirco Swift LineChart Usage var lineChart = LineChart() lineChart.addLine([3, 4, 9, 11, 13, 15]) Features Super simple Highly customizable Auto scaling Touch enabled Area below lines

danielgindi Version 3.5.0, synced to MPAndroidChart #f6a398b Just a heads up: Charts 3.0 has some breaking changes. Please read the release/migration notes. Another heads up: ChartsRealm is now in a separate rep