Date & Time

Time and NSCalendar libraries. Also contains Sunrise and Sunset time generators, time pickers and NSTimer interfaces.

Newest releases

GGJJack SwiftUICalendar Installation CocoaPods pod 'SwiftUICalendar' import import SwiftUICalendar Features Infinite scroll Support horizontal and vertical sc

spneshaei An easy-to-use SwiftUI iOS/watchOS date picker for Shamsi (Persian) calendar.

elpassion Flip clock is Simple app written in SwiftUI. The App displays current time with flip animation.

elpassion Old fashioned countdown film clutter which is written in SwiftUI to demonstrate possibilities of new Apple UI framework.

workingDog ClockTimePicker is a SwiftUI view that displays a clock with the hour and minutes hands. These hands can be dragged around the clock face to select the desired hour and minutes of your date.

RaffiKian SwiftUI Simple Calendar / Date Picker for iOS

yodagamaheshan A customizable swiftui calendar

ThasianX ElegantCalendar is an efficient and customizable full screen calendar written in SwiftUI.

airbnb A declarative, performant, iOS calendar UI component that supports use cases ranging from simple date pickers all the way up to fully-featured calendar apps.

davedelong Time Time is a Swift package that makes dealing with calendar values a natural and straight-forward process. Working with calendars can be extremely complicated and error-prone. Time solves these problems by clarifying con

MattLLLLL Requirements iOS 9.0 Xcode 9 Swift 4.0 Installation You can install MDatePickerView in several ways: Add source files to your project. Use CocoaPods: pod 'MDat

alberdev You can use DateScrollPicker as a calendar with scroll date views. This collection has infinite date cells with animated selection. Customize all these cells with your own fonts and colors with DateScrollP

joshbirnholz JBCalendarDatePicker A replacement for UIDatePicker made for Catalyst. This is still a work in progress, there are bugs, and although it's written to work with different calendar systems and locales, it's not guarantee

patchthecode Q: How will my calendar dateCells look with this library? A: However you want them to look. More Images Features Range selection - select dates in a range. The design is entirely u

SimformSolutionsPvtLtd SSCalendarControl SSCalendarControl is small and highly customizable calendar control written in swift. Features! Customizable control Flexible date range Customizable week day Selection del

mmick66 This is an easy to use, "just drag and drop it in your code" type of calendar for iOS. It supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling, as well as native calendar events. Requirements iOS 8.0+ XCode 9

novalagung Introduction NVDate is an extension of NSDate class (Swift4), created to make date and time manipulation easier. NVDate is testable and robust, we wrote intensive test to make sure everything is safe. Fea

zjfjack iOS Calendar Week/Day View in Swift Inspired from WRCalendarView Features X-Day per Page (Day view: 1-day, 3-day view, weekview: 7-day) Two Scroll types: One-Day scroll (scroll a section) or Page scr

malcommac Repeat - modern NSTimer in GCD, debouncer and throttler ★★ Star me to follow the project! ★★ Created by Daniele Margutti - Repeat is small lightweight alternative to NSTimer with a modern S

0xNSHuman TimelineCards 🃏 Autogenerated timelines presented as cards 🃏 🃏 Single or bundled into feed 🃏 Installation CocoaPods (wtf is that?) Add pod

davedelong Chronology Chronology is an attempt to build a better date and time API for Swift on top of the constructs provided by Foundation. For more information, please see the wiki: Motivation Inspiration Goals Imple

di2pra D2PDatePicker Example To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. Example Code: Programmatical Initializa

rolandleth LTHMonthYearPickerView Simple to use month & year picker view for those pesky Credit Card expiration dates & Co. How to use Drag the contents of LTHMonthYearPickerView to your project, or add pod 'LT

Kawoou AnyDate Swifty Date & Time API inspired from Java 8 DateTime API. Background I think that date & time API should be easy and accurate. Previous dates, times, timezones API of Swift are inc

erica Swift Dates BSD. Use at your own risk. Various datelike things. Date Utilities Adds sharedCalendar and now as Date static property Implements date properites for time interval and component retrieval

ruslanskorb RSDayFlow iOS 7 Calendar with Infinite Scrolling. Only need 4 lines of code to set up. RSDayFlow is a slim fork of DayFlow with updates and extensions: Visual feedback of the currently selected cell

noxt ScrollableDatepicker Getting Started An example ViewController is included demonstrating ScrollableDatepicker's functionality. Installation CocoaPods Add the following line to

wayfinders WRCalendarView Calendar Day and Week View for iOS Following the work from RVCalendarWeekView and MSCollectionView Features written in swift 3.1 infinite scroll horizontally left and right changa

matsune YMCalendar YMCalendar is a library of monthly event calendar for iOS written in Swift. Screenshots GIF Usage Property Layout Appearance Gradien

thomaspaulmann EmojiTimeFormatter Format your dates/times as emojis ? ? ? Description You can build easy to understand user interfaces with EmojiTimeFormatter or can do funny things like that: T

MobileNativeFoundation Kronos is an NTP client library written in Swift. It supports sub-seconds precision and provides an stable monotonic clock that won't be affected by clock changes. Example app This is an example app that displays the

melvitax DateHelper A Swift Date extension for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS that creates or converts dates to or from strings. It can also compare, modify or extract date components and uses cached formatters for performan