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cyo-the-vile Saturn-DaemonbitePCB_MISTER Saturn-DaemonbitePCB_MISTER Uses Authentic Saturn controller ports from a Sega Saturn along with MickGyver's Daemonbite fi

satoshi0212 100 days AR implementation challenge

riccqi Augmented Reality image tracking with SwiftUI and RealityKit and ARKit 4.

fabio914 Oculus Quest Mixed Reality app for iOS

hiSirius ARCore/ARKit学习资料

maxxfrazer A Swift Package for creating familiar UI Elements in a RealityKit rendered Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality scene.

nsoojin Baraba from Korean: meaning, Look at me Make your UIScrollView scroll automatically when user is looking at the screen 👀 Features Automatic scrolling for your UIScrollVi

jhen0409 Capturing ARKit scene (Like react-native-arkit) into react-native-webrtc video stream. Package (react-native-webrtc-ar-session) Example Introdution Demo with iPod Touch (2019) and deployed test page F

rechsteiner Getting Started | Customization | Installation Features Parchment is a very flexible paging view controller. It let’s you page between view controllers while showing any type of generic ind

borchero Squid Squid is a declarative and reactive networking library for Swift. Developed for Swift 5, it aims to make use of the latest language features. The framework's ultimate goal is to enable easy networking that makes i

maxxfrazer ARKit-SCNPath Functions and classes for creating path geometries in a SceneKit application on iOS. Main use-case being for ARKit. I'm hoping to add RealityKit support once it is possible to generate meshes. (If anyone k

kboy-silvergym A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away... It is a period when iPhone SE and iPhone X were destroyed from the apple store, the AR market was under pressure by the Pokemon GO. During the Battle, Rebel spies managed to

SimformSolutionsPvtLtd Bluetoothed ARKit 2.0 with ARWorldMap! After Apple’s introduction of ARKit 2, we have been consistently working behind to create shared-AR experiences. Our goal is to improve the utility of mobile using AR experiences.

frogg Build your own Blockchain in Swift! Have you heard about Bitcoin or Ethereum? Or do you even own such cryptocurrencies? They all use an exciting technology called 'Blockchain' that allows creating consensus on a decentr

zhangao0086 DKImagePickerController Description DKImagePickerController is a highly customizable, Pure-Swift library. Features Supports both single and multiple selection. Su

zenangst Description Blueprints is a collection of flow layouts that is meant to make your life easier when working with collection view flow layouts. It comes with two built-in layouts that are highly flexible

SvenTiigi FlyoverKit enables you to present stunning 360° flyover views on an MKMapView with zero effort while maintaining full configuration possibilities. FlyoverKit builds the core of STLocationRequest which

nwhacks-loki Loki presents a news feed to the user much like other popular social networking apps. However, in the background, it uses iOS' ARKit to gather the user's facial data. This data is piped through a neural network model we trained

Minecodecraft MCScratchImageView GIF Showcase Requirments iOS 8.0+ Xcode 7.2+ Swift 4.0 Installation CocoaPods pod "MCScratchImageView" Manually Just drag MCSc

rsrbk SmileToUnlock Make your users smile before opening the app :) Gif with the demonstration Installation Cocoapods The most preferable way to use this library is cocoapods. Add the following l

mmoaay An ARKit App that can do three things: Recording the route you've passed by Sharing the route with your friends Your friends can find the start position of the route, then follow it to find you

emadhegab ARSolar Solar System with ARKit on Swift TODO do a better rings around saturn enhance performance Contributing Fork it Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature) Commi

AFathi Use swift_4_2 branch for projects written in Swift 4.2 Use master branch for projects written in Swift 4.0 An iOS Framework that enables developers to capture videos 📹 , photos 🌄 , Live Photos 🎇

simonbs SBSAnimoji Fooling around with Apples private framework AvatarKit, the framework used in for recording Animoji videos. If you are looking to create your own Animoji, take a look at SBSCustomAnimoji.

KrauseFx whats.the.user.doing • detect.location • watch.user watch.user Does your app already have access to the user's camera? Do you want to take pictures of the user and their surrounding whenever they use your app?

mikeash Type-Safe User Defaults TSUD (pronounced "tsud") stands for Type-Safe User Defaults and is an experimental Swifty wrapper around NSUserDefaults. License Public domain. Do what you feel like. Credit is apprec

shu223 ARKit-Sampler ARKit-Sampler is a collection of ARKit samples. How to build Open ARKit-Sampler.xcworkspace with Xcode and build it. It can NOT run on Simulator. Contents 3 lines AR

NovaTecConsulting FaceRecognition in ARKit This is a simple showcase project, that detects faces using the Vision-API and runs the extracted face through a CoreML-model to identiy the specific persons. Requirements Xcode 9 iPhon

google-ar WebARonARKit An experimental app for iOS that lets developers create Augmented Reality (AR) experiences using web technologies. An Android version is also available. Note: This is not an official Google product. Nor

bjarnel arkit-occlusion-demo Bjarne Lundgren / [email protected] / @bjarnel This ARKit+SceneKit project shows how to "track" vertical planes (relative to horizontal planes anyway), and how to occlude objects with real world geom

dcordero TvOSScribble TvOSScribble, based on CoreML, mitigates the lack of a physical numpad area in Siri Remote implementing a handwriting gesture recognizer. Video: Post: Building Scribble f