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Mindinventory Collection of Beautiful Open Source SWIFT Animation Libraries and Demos

myawesomehub Taskey is an application build in SwiftUI to track your task with a beautiful animations and UI . Also used core data to persist the data in local with a customize data model .

v15a1 A slideshow with pizzazz! Glideshow adds transitions to the slideshows labels to set it apart from other conventional "boring" slideshows,

Inncoder Code from instagram posts

Arvindcs SwiftUI Animation

Shubham0812 Various types of Animations created in SwiftUI and can be used anywhere you want.

amosgyamfi SwiftUI Animation Library. Useful SwiftUI animations including Loading/progress, Looping, On-off, Enter, Exit, Fade, Spin and Background animations that you can directly implement in your next iOS application or project.

ivanvorobei A collaborative list of awesome UI & Animation only in Swift. Include quick preview.

b3ll Motion is an animation engine for gesturally-driven user interfaces, animations, and interactions on iOS, macOS, and tvOS, and is powered by SIMD and written fully in Swift. Motion allows for easily creating physically-modeled, in

Narek1994 Fully customizable animated tab bar

swiftui-lab Another Example on how to create SwiftUI hero animations, using matchedGeometryEffect without custom transitions.

Shubham0812 An iOS application, that contain various tutorials and guides for achieving the effects, transitions and animations.

b3ll Manipulating and using CATransform3D for animations and interactions is pretty challenging… Decomposed makes CATransform3D, matrix_double4x4, and matrix_float4x4 much easier to work with.

Miqeo It's an easy to use and implement animation for swift 4/5 made with Bezier paths in UIKit.

cashapp Stagehand Stagehand provides a modern, type-safe API for building animations on iOS. Stagehand is designed around a set of core ideas: Composition of Structures Separation of Construction and Execution Comp

NSHipster ConfettiView A view that emits confetti with shapes, images, and text of your choosing for a specified duration, and then fades out. import ConfettiView let confettiView = ConfettiView() confettiView.emit(wit

adellibovi SwiftUI+PathAnimations 🔵 Introduction This packages contains SimilarShape and InterpolatedShape, both can be used to achieve shapes animations with SwiftUI. How it works? SimilarShape sh

hulsizer CharacterText UILabel subclass to perform text effects Blog Post: CharacterText uses NSLayoutManager to position CATextLayers for each glyph in your string. T

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toannt Installation Requirements Concept How to use More Action parameters Timing function Action group Reverse a sequence of actions Relative point and size Customization Customize act

mattt AnimatedGIFImageSerialization AnimatedGIFImageSerialization decodes an UIImage from Animated GIFs, following the API conventions of Foundation's NSJSONSerialization class. By default, UIImage initializers can't decode

rwbutler AnimatedGradientView is a UIView subclass which makes it simple to add animated gradients to your iOS app. It is written purely in Swift. Further documentation available as part of this blog post.

warpling 🔓 iPhone FaceID Unlock Animation I made this for a thing I was messing around with in Blackbox. Hopefully it serves as a bit of an example of how to pick apart and rebuild fun little animations like this one. D

Cuberto CBFlashyTabBarController Example To run the example project, clone the repo, and run ExampleApp scheme from FlashyTabBar.xcodeproj Requirements iOS 10.0+ Xcode 9 Installat

scribd LiveCollections is an open source framework that makes using UITableView and UICollectionView animations possible in just a few lines of code. Given two sets of data, the framework will automatically perform all of the calcula

fahidattique55 Apps Using FAShimmerViews FanTazTech ( FTT Tech ( SoleLinks (h

onurersel anim is an animation library written in Swift with a simple, declarative API in mind. // moves box to 100,100 with default settings anim { = CGPoint(x:100, y:100) } // after that, wa

marcosgriselli EasyTransitions is a library that helps developers create custom interactive transitions using simple functions defined in a protocol and avoid handling with the mutiple transitions API's in UIKit.

nathantannar4 A replica of iMessage's typing indicator bubble with support for a variety of animations Usage This is a working prototype of an iMessage like typing indicator I am working on integrating into MessageKit. Alter

facebookarchive Pop is an extensible animation engine for iOS, tvOS, and OS X. In addition to basic static animations, it supports spring and decay dynamic animations, making it useful for building realistic, physics-based interactions. The API

cats-oss Simple Interface Core Animation Sica can execute various animations sequentially or parallelly. Features Animation with duration and delay parallel / sequence animation Easings

noppefoxwolf Overlay alpha channel video animation player view using Metal. Example To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. Usage At the top of your file, ma