Libs to display alert, action sheet, notification, popup.

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galeo corfu-doc - Documentation popup for Corfu Introduction Display a documentation popup for completion candidate when using Corfu. It can be re regarded

jkrumbiegel Chain.jl Even more convenient than pipes. Build Status Summary Chain.jl defines the @chain macro. It takes a start value and a begin ... end block of

fishbrain Goodoo Goodoo is a simple, robust, and highly customizable health check solution written in Elixir. Installation Add :goodoo to your Mix project. def

Mindinventory Trending Custom Alert: You can use a custom trending alert for more better app UI. Very easy to use. ✓ Description This is a custom alert with differe

ivanvorobei Popup from Apple Music & Feedback in AppStore. Contains Done, Heart, Error and other presets. Supports Dark Mode. I tried to recreate Apple's alerts as much as possible. You can find these alerts in the AppStore after feedback and

elai950 Present Apple-like alert & toast using SwiftUI

neel-makhecha AlertX is a library for SwiftUI projects to have custom alerts that can be implemented in a very easy and simple way, just like implementing built-in system alerts.

golditdev Alerts & ActionSheets Advanced usage of native UIAlertController with TextField, TextView, DatePicker, PickerView, TableView, CollectionView and MapView. Usage New Alert let alert = UIA

ivanvorobei SPAlert Native popup alert similar to Apple Music or Feedback in AppStore app. Support animations. I tried to repeat Apple alert as much as possible. You can download example app Debts - Spending tracker from AppStore.

loryhuz CleanyModal is a good way to use UI-Customised alerts with ease Features Present some kind of clean alerts (With same API as UIAlertViewController) Add easily Textfields or Custom views as an Alert

JonyFang FFPopup is a lightweight library for presenting custom views as a popup. Bounce from Top & Bounce to Bottom Bounce from Top & Bounce to Top Bounce in & Bounce out Gr

ergunemr BottomPopup BottomPopup provides a popup-like presentation style to any view controller What does BottomPopup do? It is a custom presentation style for view controllers to present any view controller wi

nimati FCAlertView FCAlertView is a Flat Customizable AlertView, written in Objective C Quick Links 1. Swift 2. Installation 3. Example App 4. Adding FCAlertView 5. Base Customizations 6. E

dillidon Advanced usage of UIAlertController with TextField, DatePicker, PickerView, TableView and CollectionView.

hemangshah Zingle Zingle – An alert will display underneath your UINavigationBar 🎅 💥 Note: Zingle has a dependency to have a UINavigationController in your app, which means it will not work/display in your app if

Kofktu KUIPopOver Easy to use PopOver in iOS (iPhone, iPad) Requirements iOS 8.0+ Swift 4.2 (1.1.2) Swift 4.0 (1.0.4) Swift 3.0 (0.0.4) Installation CocoaPods KUIPopOver

Turkcell BIPActionSheet Custom ActionSheet with image and text support, which is easy to use and modify. We developed to use in our BIP Messenger Application Demo for iPhone Demo for iPad Us

sgr-ksmt Alertift Alertift.alert(title: "Alertift", message: "Alertift is swifty, modern, and awesome UIAlertController wrapper.") .action(.default("❤️")) .action(.default("⭐")) .show(on: self)

loopeer AlertTransition AlertTransition is a extensible library for making view controller transitions, especially for alert transitions. Overview AlertTransition is a super class, make basic structure, and n

Codigami  CFAlertViewController CFAlertViewController is a library that helps you display and customise Alerts, Action Sheets, and Notifications on iPad and iPhone. It offers screen rotation as well as an adaptive UI suppo

hryk224 PCLBlurEffectAlert Swift AlertController, use UIVisualeffectview Requirements iOS 8.0+ Swift 3.0+ ARC Feature Change color Change effect Change font Use UITextFie

MarioIannotta MIBlurPopup MIBlurPopup lets you create amazing popups with a blurred background Setup Add pod 'MIBlurPopup' to your Podfile or copy the "MIBlurPopup.swift" into your project Make sure the view co

bontoJR EasyDialogs EasyDialogs is a simple library inspired by MaterialDialogs for Android. The main goal is to give a powerful library to create high customizable, but simple, alert views for iOS projects. Ta

candostdagdeviren CDAlertView is highly customizable alert popup written in Swift 3. Usage is similar to UIAlertController. Screenshots Animations Usage Basic usage without any buttons: CDAlertVie

zekunyan TTGSnackbar A Swift based implementation of the Android Snackbar for iOS Gif About TTGSnackbar is useful for showing a brief message at bottom or top of the screen with one or two acti

XuanZheJiang XZAlertView A simple AlertView (Swift 3.1) Functions Showing a simple alert XZAlertView.addXZAlertView(view: view, title: "YourTitle"); License Usage is provided under the MIT License. See

hsylife SwiftyPickerPopover A more convenient way to display a popover with a built-in picker, on iPhone/iPad of iOS9+. Features By simple code, you can display a popover that contains a built-in picker, on