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lyft Hammer is a iOS touch and keyboard synthesis library for emulating user interaction events. It enables new ways of triggering UI actions in unit tests, replicating a real world environment as much as possible.

BalestraPatrick HomeKitty HomeKitty is a website built in Vapor 3 that keeps track of all HomeKit accessories available in the market. Accessories are divided in 18 official categories to make it easier to find the perf

errbufferoverfl USB Canary USB Canary is a Linux and OSX tool that uses psutil to monitor USB devices either around the clock, or just while your computer is locked. It can be configured to send you an SMS via the Twilio API, notify

cordova-plugin-camera-preview Cordova Plugin Camera Preview Cordova plugin that allows camera interaction from Javascript and HTML Releases are being kept up to date when appropriate. However, this plugin is under constant development. As such i

steamclock Bluejay is a simple Swift framework for building reliable Bluetooth LE apps. Bluejay's primary goals are: Simplify talking to a single Bluetooth LE peripheral Make it easier to handle Bluetooth operations reliably

hieuvp React Native Fingerprint Scanner React Native Fingerprint Scanner is a React Native library for authenticating users with Fingerprint (TouchID). Table of Contents Installation Compatibility Exampl

uraimo Nunchuck.swift A Swift library for the Wii Nunchuck Controller Summary This library reads accelerometer, joystick and button values from a Wii nunchuck controller connected via I2C to your RaspberryP

MHaroonBaig #[MotionKit] (http://goo.gl/bpXBlO) — The missing iOS wrapper 🎶 Now you can grab the data from Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope and Device Motion in a magical way, with just a Two or a few lines of code. Full

HorizonCamera Horizon SDK for iOS Horizon SDK is a state of the art real-time video recording / photo shooting iOS library. Some of the features of Horizon SDK include: Horizon real-time leveling algorithm (you can find mo

Hyman00 YJ3DTouch YJ3DTouch can easily implement 3D Touch. How to use First pod 'YJ3DTouch', '~> 1.0' #import "UIViewController+YJ3DTouch.h" Active 3D Touch for UITableView [self

1amageek Bleu Bleu is a Bluetooth library. Bleu is the easiest way to operate CoreBluetooth. Bleu is possible to operate by replacing Bluetooth 's Peripheral and Central with Server and Client. Bleu can be developed event-dri

Instrument Vicinity Vicinity replicates iBeacons and supports broadcasting and detecting low-energy bluetooth devices in the background. It is built with CoreBluetooth framework and doesn't use CoreLocation to implement iBeacons.

LGBluetooth LGBluetooth Simple, block-based, lightweight library over CoreBluetooth. Steps to start using Drag and Drop it into your project Import "LGBluetooth.h" You are ready to go! Usage F

lauraskelton Description Easy Proximity-based Sharing for iOS Perfect for any iOS app that needs to quickly share items with nearby friends, such as groups, photo albums, photos, links, user profiles, etc, using Bluetooth Low Energ

music4kid What is it? TKeyboard enables you to use Mac keyboard to do typing on your iOS devices, it's based on bluetooth communication, super easy to set up. How to use? Install both TKeyboard for iOS and TKeyboard f

zhangao0086 DKCamera Description A light weight & simple & easy camera for iOS by Swift. It uses CoreMotion framework to detect device orientation, so the screen-orientation lock will be ignored(Perfect

troystribling Features A futures interface replacing protocol implementations. Timeout for Peripheral connection, Service scan, Service + Characteristic discovery and Characteristic read/write. A DSL for specification

hawk0620 ZPCamera An OpenSource Camera App. Introduction Osho camera is my independent development of a camera App, App Store Address: point me. It supports 1: 1, 4: 3, 16: 9 multi-resolution shooting, the filter c

lapfelix BluetoothConnector Simple macOS CLI to connect/disconnect a Bluetooth device. I made it to easily connect my BeatsX earbuds (I thought the W1 chip would make the switch from my iPhone to my Mac seamless, but we're not t

pinetum AirUnlock (Mac) Introduction Using android mobile to establish a connection with your Mac via Bluetooth low-energy (BLE), controlling Mac lock state (Lock or Unlock). Features Store the passw

rhummelmose BluetoothKit Easily communicate between iOS devices using BLE. Background Apple mostly did a great job with the CoreBluetooth API, but because it encapsulated the entire Bluetooth 4.0 LE specification, i

izotx JMCiBeaconManager iBeacon is a name of technology that is enabling new location awareness possibilities for apps. "Leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a device with iBeacon technology can be used to establish a re