A collaborative list of awesome Swift libraries and resources.

Newest releases

omaralbeik A µFramework for showing alerts like the one used when copying from pasteboard or connecting Apple pencil.

audulus vger is a vector graphics renderer which renders a limited set of primitives, but does so almost entirely on the GPU. Works on iOS and macOS.

sindresorhus This is a wrapper for NSRegularExpression that makes it more convenient and type-safe to use regular expressions in Swift.

Shubham0812 Medium Drink shape and cap created using the SwiftUI Framework.

davdroman Text composition in SwiftUI can often be cumbersome, especially when there's logic affecting its format and content.

jordansinger Precision Finding AirTags built in SwiftUI

Mindinventory Trending Custom Alert: You can use a custom trending alert for more better app UI. Very easy to use. ✓ Description This is a custom alert with differe

PraneetNeuro A macOS application to test APIs with HTTP methods (Decluttered Postman), built with SwiftUI.

pkluz Interactive notification pop-over (aka "Toast) modeled after the iOS AirPods and Apple Pencil indicator.

truizlop A Swift package with utilities to perform fuzzy search, using a modified version of the Smith-Waterman algorithm. This implementation is a port from the Haskell version implemented by Rúnar Bjarnason.

lludo Some tools for the BitClout blockchain

TrianglZ TZSignalStrengthView is an easy to use UI component to help display a signal bar with an added customizable fill animation

kean Stacks A micro UIStackView convenience API inspired by SwiftUI. let stack: UIView = .hStack(alignment: .center, margins: .all(16), [ .vStack(spaci

HarshilShah Genie A Playground to recreate the macOS Genie Effect. For more information, please read the accompanying blog post: Recreating the macOS Genie Effect

soffes Snake Snake implemented in SwiftUI for UI. Inspired by this amazing tweet. Live Streams I did all of this will streaming. Here are links to those stre

pointfreeco Define XCTest assertion helpers directly in your application and library code.

v15a1 A slideshow with pizzazz! Glideshow adds transitions to the slideshows labels to set it apart from other conventional "boring" slideshows,

apple This package lets you collect and easily visualize performance data about data structure implementations and collection algorithms. It was created to help develop the Swift Collections package, but it's useful for so much more!

awsdocs Amazon ECS Best Practices Guide The open source version of the Amazon ECS best practices guide. You can submit feedback & requests for changes by subm

sameersyd Fortune Wheel Fortune spinning wheel 🎡 , cocoapods library built using SwiftUI, supports dynamic content. Made with love ❤️ by Sameer Nawaz Preview -

PraneetNeuro GUI based virtualization tool to run Linux, based on the Virtualization framework introduced by Apple for macOS Big Sur with support for Apple Silicon architecture (also supported by Intel based macs)

amirdew A simple but highly customizable `UICollectionViewLayout` for `UICollectionView`.

GeoSn0w An iOS Security Application for Jailbroken devices. It does basic checks for repos you shouldn't trust, allows one to change the ROOT and mobile password, and provides general security information about vulnerabilities you may hav

jacobsapps Align Align gives you an easy way to align views in SwiftUI. Simply import Align in whichever SwiftUI view you like and you're good to go. Align suppl

RogyMD Minesweeper is an iOS & Mac Catalyst application built entirely in Swift. The logic is build in the Composable Architecture and the UI is built in SwiftUI.

timqian A macOS menu bar APP helps you stay focused

compnerd Bridging to WinRT (Windows Runtime) to Swift.

INPS-it SPIDlibraryIOS is a library for logging in via SPID through several different identity providers.

arnemart Safari Keyword Search is a simple extension for Safari on macOS that enables keyword searching from the address bar.

rsocket rsocket-swift is an implementation of the RSocket protocol in Swift.

woxtu A Hacker News reader built with SwiftUI+Combine