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JerryFans JFPopup JFPopup is a Swift Module help you popup your custom view easily. Support 3 way to popup, Drawer, Dialog and BottomSheet. Example To run the e

onevcat Delegate A meta library to provide a better Delegate pattern described here and here. Usage Instead of a regular Apple's protocol-delegate pattern, us

dempseyatgithub Unofficial Sandwiches The WWDC20 Session Introduction to SwiftUI provides a tutorial-like walk-through of building a list-detail SwiftUI app from scra

MoritzT FS2020 Liveries Collection of liveries for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Please note This is still a work in progress as we work out livery issues.

chaubss Hidden Widgets This is an iOS 14 app what uses widgets that blend into your wallpaper. It supports all three available widget sizes-small, medium and

rushairer SheetPresentation SheetPresentation for SwiftUI. Multiple devices support: iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS, macCatalyst. NOT UISheetPresentationController w

Jovins iBook About PDFKit learning project on iOS 11, Like iBooks.app. 书库 书库页面获取PDF相关数据, 可以通过KVC获取。 PDF书名 if let title = documentAttributes["Title"] as? Stri

christianselig 🍅 FancyTextEntryController A simpler/easier API for adding text fields to UIAlertControllers. Not a custom view, just uses good ol' UIAlertController

lexrus HighlightJSON A tiny Safari Web Extension for presenting highlighted JSON files Highlight.js Highlight.js is released under the BSD License. LICENSE T

stefanomondino Command-line Automations This repo is a working demo for my talk @SwiftHeroes2020 Scope of this repository This project can be a good starting point f

apple A Swift package for parsing, building, editing, and analyzing Markdown documents.

supercomputra The Swift Programming Language in Bahasa Indonesia Terjemahan bahasa Indonesia dari tutorial resmi Apple "The Swift Programming Language" Dokumen Asli

ColinFay brochure THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, DO NOT USE The goal of {brochure} is to provide a mechanism for deploying multi-page {shiny} application, i.e tha

Ben216k What is Patched Sur? Patched Sur is a UI patcher for macOS Big Sur, designed to make it easy to run macOS 11 on unsupported Macs. This patcher hopes t

coderyi YiVideoEditor YiVideoEditor is a library for rotating, cropping, adding layers (watermark) and as well as adding audio (music) to the videos. YiVideoE

29th-WE-SOPT-iOS-Part KimHyeSu Week 내용 세미나정리 과제 1주차 iOS 컴포넌트 이해, Xcode 기본 사용법, View 화면전환 📚 link 2주차 Autolayout, StackView, TabBarController 📚 link 3주차 ScrollView, TableVi

29th-WE-SOPT-iOS-Part HUREEKIM REPO 🏜 🐛 🐛 🪚 이번에는 도약을 넘어 조지기다. ❤️‍🔥 iOS 파트 커리큘럼 주차 내용 브랜치 과제 리드미 1주차 iOS 컴포넌트 이해, Xcode 기본 사용법, View 화면 전환 2주차 AutoLayout, StackView, Ta

attheodo 📡 wifimon Synopsis wifimon is a wireless device monitoring terminal application that allows you to watch signal, noise and SNR levels as well as devi

steventroughtonsmith 'Files' In the months leading up to iOS 11, I was working on a file browser for iOS called 'Files'. It featured a resizable multi-window UI with snapp

Misterio77 Nix Colors What? This repo is designed to help with Nix(OS) theming, exposing a nix attribute set with 204+ themes to be used as you wish. As well as

jwd-ali Animated Subclass of UITextField created with CABasicAnimation and CAShapeLayer

PSPDFKit-labs A PDF Viewer built in SwiftUI and PSPDFKit

swiftwasm WasmTransformer A package which provides transformation operation for WebAssembly binary. Inspired by Rust implementation lowerI64Imports public func

DreamingInBinary Custom View Controller Transitions This project explains and shows how to make custom view controller transitions in the most simple way possible. Eac

steventroughtonsmith Catalyst Grid App Simple Catalyst example (Mac idiom) of a grid-based app with a push/pop navigation stack. Includes back button in toolbar that auto-

nextjournal Clerk Demo This is a preview of Clerk before its open source release. See the Clerk README for more information. To play with this, eval forms in dev/

jnsdrtlf Bitwarden Menu This project is not associated with the Bitwarden project nor 8bit Solutions LLC. Bitwarden Menu is a simple application for macOS that

jwd-ali JDTextField JDTextField is animateable UITextField that can significantly enhance your user's experiences and set your app apart from the rest of the

natclark Safari Wallet This is an experiment to see whether we can build a viable browser extension Ethereum wallet for Safari on macOS and especially iOS. Ove

johnpatrickmorgan TCACoordinators The coordinator pattern in the Composable Architecture TCACoordinators brings a flexible approach to navigation in SwiftUI using the C

osy Purple Haze A DNS tunnel client for iOS based on Iodine. A paid Apple Developer account is required to build because of the entitlements needed for Ne

HackClubRAIT Wizard-Of-Docs An open source project to bring all the data structures and algorithms docs under one repository. Data Structures are the main part of

IEEE-VIT Hacktoberfest 2021 with IEEE-VIT 🧡 This is a expense tracker iOS application built using swift. Users can track their expense and visualise it. Suppo