A collaborative list of awesome Swift libraries and resources.

Newest releases

onl1ner A flexible and easy template created to speed up the development of your iOS application based on the MVP pattern. This template generates all the important components of the MVP pattern, including the Builder.

wsvn53 Scrcpy-iOS.app is a remote control tool for Android Phones

EthanLipnik Blobmorphism is a brand new design language I've created to break free of the material overload in iOS, built in SwiftUI. Everything feels smooth and fluid.

BinaryBirds An awesome Swift HTML DSL library using result builders.

christianselig A view that shows selectable symbols, similar to UITableView's `sectionIndexTitles` API but with support for symbols and more flexibility

opa334 The main focus of this dependency is to be an easy to use and easy to customize framework to handle per app preferences

lyft Hammer is a iOS touch and keyboard synthesis library for emulating user interaction events. It enables new ways of triggering UI actions in unit tests, replicating a real world environment as much as possible.

Shubham0812 Calculator app created using the SwiftUI framework

alphaArgon Minesweeper for Mac.

pointfreeco A library of data structures for working with collections of identifiable elements in an ergonomic, performant way.

ailabstw Taiwan Social Distancing App - iOS

KhaosT macOS Monterey added support for virtualizing macOS with Apple silicon host.

theblixguy A property wrapper that backports the new @Invalidating property wrapper to older versions of iOS/tvOS/macOS

ming900518 A ARM macOS Virtual Machine, using macOS 12's new Virtualization framework.

scriptingosx This is a Swift UI implementation of my fetch-installer-pkg script. It will list the full macOS Big Sur (and later) installer pkgs available for download in Apple's software update catalogs.

dalezak Turbo-iOS base project that's entirely driven from your backend Rails app.

adamfootdev BottomSheet makes it easy to take advantage of the new UISheetPresentationController in SwiftUI with a simple .bottomSheet modifier on existing views.

darrarski macOS utility for converting fat-frameworks to SPM-compatible XCFramework with arm64-simulator support.

Jiar Multi-tier UIScrollView nested scrolling solution. 😋😋😋

duckduckgo DuckDuckGo is growing fast and we continue to expand our fully distributed team. We embrace diverse perspectives, and seek out passionate, self-motivated people, committed to our shared vision of raising the standard of trust onli

lujjjh A minimal app to get rid of mouse acceleration on macOS.

mattrighetti HNReaderApp - Hacker News client for macOS

marcosgriselli WWDC 21 Slack lounges questions and answers for SwiftUI and Developer Tools

erikng hello is application onboarding macOS devices built in SwiftUI

steventroughtonsmith Trivial demonstration showing how to build support for AppleScript into a Catalyst app. Showcases multiple commands and variables that can be set/get, and passed arguments.

foamzou Monitor for displaying process traffic on Mac Status bar

steventroughtonsmith Really trivial example showing how to wrap SwiftUI in a UISplitViewController, so that you can use the correct sidebar background style when building for macOS.

mufasaYC Using the new UISheetPresentationController to get a bottom sheet with Xcode 13

zzanehip Recreating a fully functional version of iOS 4 in SwiftUI.

mchakravarty The CodeEditorView Swift package provides a SwiftUI view implementing a rich code editor for iOS and macOS whose visual style is inspired by Xcode.

eospi A graphical interface for Object Capture on macOS

steventroughtonsmith Demonstration of using UIWindowScene and SwiftUI to provide a native-looking Mac preferences window in Catalyst

prisma-ai CoreData based Swift ORM