Windows APIs

Bindings to Windows-specific APIs

Newest releases

ChrisDenton Installs only the necessary Windows 10 .lib files to save you having to download the full Visual Studio package. You can either download the zip file or the installer.

LGUG2Z A tiling window manager for Windows 10 based on binary space partitioning

TimUntersberger Windows window manager is a tiling window manager for Windows 10 (like i3 for linux)

ben-wallis wfd This crate provides a simple to use abstraction over the Open and Save dialogs in the Windows API, usable under both GNU and MSVC toolchains, with

ohadravid wmi Documentation WMI crate for rust. Currently in beta. # Cargo.toml [dependencies] wmi = "0.4" Examples Queries can be deserialized info a free-form

msxdos ntapi Rust FFI bindings for Native API. Mostly based on Process Hacker phnt headers as the most complete source of bindings to be found. The comments

burntsushi winapi-util This crate provides a smattering of safe wrappers around various parts of the winapi crate. Dual-licensed under MIT or the UNLICENSE. Docu

microsoft COM A one stop shop for all things related to COM programming in Rust. This library exposes various macros, structs and functions to the user for both

mullvad windows-service A crate that provides facilities for management and implementation of windows services. Implementing windows service This section desc

doumanash clipboard-win Provides simple way to interact with Windows clipboard. Clipboard All read and write access to Windows clipboard requires user to open i

gentoo90 winreg Rust bindings to MS Windows Registry API. Work in progress. Current features: Basic registry operations: open/create/delete keys read and write