Crates for use when targeting WebAssembly, or for manipulating WebAssembly

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copy v86 emulates an x86-compatible CPU and hardware. Machine code is translated to WebAssembly modules at runtime in order to achieve decent performance.

bnjjj witgen witgen is a library to help you generate wit definitions in a wit file for WebAssembly. Using this lib in addition to wit-bindgen will help you

abhimanyu003 qubit 💥 Visit Website To Use Calculator Example 💥 Visit Website To Use Calculator 2 + 2 sin( 90 ) + cos ( 120 ) sqrt(144) + 12 ceil ( 12.12 ) + 22

maximeborges A Rust ESP stack trace decoder that can also runs in your browser thanks to WebAssembly

travisdoesmath An n-tuple pendulum simulator in Rust + WebAssembly (and JavaScript) Remaking this n-tuple pendulum simulator moving the math to Rust 🦀 and WebAssemb

thangchung WebAssembly on Rust is a bright future in making application runs at the Edge or on the Serverless technologies.

jice-nospam doryen-rs Ascii roguelike library in rust with native and wasm support. Uses the uni-gl and uni-app crates from the unrust game engine. features + [x]

wasmCloud       waSCC Host The WebAssembly Secure Capabilities Connector (waSCC) host library allows consumers to add actor modules, portable capability provide

RReverser This is an alternative native integration of Serde with wasm-bindgen. Why This library was created to address rustwasm/wasm-bindgen#1258 and provide a

doumanash async-timer Timer facilities for Rust's async story Minimal Rust version: 1.36 Timed async fn job() { } async fn do_job() { let work = unsafe {

richardanaya js_ffi this library creates a bridge to javascript in the browser at runtime using web assembly A foreign function interface(FFI) library for invoking

iamcodemaker console_log A logger that routes messages to the browser's console. Usage use log::Level; fn main() { console_log::init_with_level(Level::Debug);

paritytech wasmi wasmi - a Wasm interpreter. wasmi was conceived as a component of parity-ethereum (ethereum-like contracts in wasm) and substrate. These project

seed-rs Website | Forum | Chat Seed is a front-end Rust framework for creating fast and reliable web apps with an elm-like architecture. All the benefits of R

paritytech parity-wasm Low-level WebAssembly format library. Documentation Rust WebAssembly format serializing/deserializing Add to Cargo.toml [dependencies] par