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stevepryde Tauri + Yew Demo This is a small demo to accompany the Tauri + Yew tutorial https://dev.to/stevepryde/create-a-desktop-app-in-rust-using-tauri-and-yew

Madoshakalaka Yew Interop Load On Demand With yew-interop, each resource is requested on demand when a consuming component requests it. If you include your librarie

Tencent TAT agent is an agent written in Rust, which run in CVM, Lighthouse or CPM 2.0 instances. Its role is to run commands remotely without ssh login, invoked from TencentCloud Console/API. Commands include but not limited to: Shell, P

futursolo Bounce The uncomplicated state management library for Yew. Bounce is inspired by Redux and Recoil. Rationale Yew state management solutions that are c

kbknapp wireguard_exporter An asynchronous Prometheus exporter for wireguard wireguard_exporter runs wg show [..] and scrapes the output to build Prometheus m

coral-xyz ⚓ Anchor is a framework for Solana's Sealevel runtime providing several convenient developer tools for writing smart contracts.

sinkingpoint Gravel Gateway Gravel Gateway is a Prometheus Push Gateway for FAAS applications. In particular it allows aggregation to be controlled by the incoming

cecton Yewprint It's Blueprint, but for Yew in Rust. Warning: This is in early development and it is possible it won't be finished if there is no interest. D

bingryan Call: Make remote development more elegant What does it do Call is an easy-to-use command tools for remote development. It helps you to build remote d

yisar node_swc swc node binding use wasm Build Make sure you have rust wasm-pack installed. $ yarn build # build wasm, node Usage import { parseSync, printS

ivanceras A fast, resilient, isomorphic hacker news clone in ~1k lines of rust.

poem-web A full-featured and easy-to-use web framework with the Rust programming language.

tokio-rs Ergonomic and modular web framework built with Tokio, Tower, and Hyper

basiliqio Basiliq is a very alpha REST API that replaces the need to write CRUD methods by exposing a standardized API to interact with a Postgres database

silkenweb A library for building reactive single page web apps.

galvez An ongoing experiment using Rust, Warp and QuickJS to server-side render Vue.js applications.

Dhghomon Rust is a new language that already has good textbooks. But sometimes its textbooks are difficult because they are for native English speakers. Many companies and people now learn Rust, and could learn faster with a book that has

emmanuelantony2000 Rust front-end framework for building web apps.

rusty-crab A boilerplate template for starting a web services using Warp + SQLx (PostgreSQL) + Redis + Juniper (GraphQL). ❤️

pauan Zero cost declarative DOM library using FRP signals for Rust! Status It is generally feature complete, though more convenience methods might be added

pimeys Rust Web Push Web push notification sender. Requirements Needs a Tokio executor version 0.2 or later and Rust compiler version 1.39.0 or later. Docume

paperclip-rs Paperclip Paperclip offers tooling for the OpenAPI specification. Once complete, it will provide: Code generation for efficient, type-safe, compile-ti

rib A Rust implementation of Json Web Tokens Installation jsonwebtokens = "1" serde_json = "1" Then, in your code: use serde_json::json; use serde_json::

lukidoescode CSSinRust CSSinRust delivers a new way of implementing CSS styling in web-sys applications. It's aim is to make writing web frontends in Rust attracti

soundrabbit Kagura A front-end framework that runs on WebAssembly written in Rust. Big changes Supporting a batch process Experimental supporting of websocket Tut

timothee-haudebourg A JSON-LD implementation for Rust Documentation Crate informations Repository This crate is a Rust implementation of the JSON-LD data interchange form

magnusmanske A MediaWiki client library in Rust Examples Get all categories of "Albert Einstein" on English Wikipedia let mut api = mediawiki::api::Api::new("https

danclive Sincere Sincere is a micro web framework for Rust(stable) based on hyper and multithreading. Style like koa. The same, which aims to be a smaller, mor

kaj rsass Sass reimplemented in rust with nom (early stage). The "r" in the name might stand for the Rust programming language, for "re-implemented", or p

mnetship Ratsio Ratsio is a Rust client library for NATS messaging system and NATS Event Streaming. Inspired by nitox and rust-nats but my project needed NATS

connorskees grass This crate aims to provide a high level interface for compiling Sass into plain CSS. It offers a very limited API, currently exposing only 2 fun

thoucheese Cloud Storage A library that can be used to push blobs to Google Cloud Storage, and then generate download links to those files. Usage Add the followi