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RobinMalfait Taco It's a wrapper around your commands! Eh? What are you talking about... Let's imagine you have 2 projects, and you want to run tests in each proje

cashioapp cashio cashio is a decentralized stablecoin made for the people, by the people. We're in active development. For the latest updates, please join our c

CornerBit HikSink streams Hikvision camera and NVR events (motion, line crossing, tamper, illegal logins, etc.) to MQTT messages for consumption by home automat

danielzfranklin cargo-rr A light wrapper around rr, the time-travelling debugger. Do you find yourself running the same test over and over in the debugger, trying to

h3r2tic πŸŽ₯ dolly Combine simple building blocks to create smooth cameras: first-person, chase, orbit, look-at, you name it! Camera rigs made with dolly are en

larksuite rsmpeg is a thin&safe layer above the FFmpeg's Rust bindings, it's main goal is safely exposing FFmpeg inner APIs in Rust as much as possible.

rutgersc A Rust library for parsing m3u8 playlists (HTTP Live Streaming) link. Uses the nom library for all of the parsing.

cobrand mpv-rs safe libmpv bindings for Rust. mpv is a media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2. It supports a wide variety of video file formats, audio and

imager-io WARNING Not recommend for beginners. This library isn’t safe nor idiomatic rust, a consequence offering direct bindings to the FFmpeg C APIs. Furtherm

zmwangx This is a fork of the abandoned ffmpeg crate by meh.. Support for different FFmpeg versions are guarded by feature flags: FFmpeg version lavc version

nomalab stainless-ffmpeg Efficient Rust wrapper for FFmpeg. Prerequisites Rust Build cargo build Run examples Display file characteristics from container form

l1npengtul Safe rust wrapper around libuvc This library gives access to the webcam, and allows one to capture the video stream. An example of how to use this lib

dholroyd mpeg2ts-reader Rust reader for MPEG2 Transport Stream data Zero-copy access to payload data within an MPEG Transport Stream. This crate, implements a

leod Pareen Pareen is a small Rust library for parameterized inbetweening. The intended application is in game programming, where you sometimes have two di

pistondevelopers skeletal_animation A Rust library for data-driven skeletal animation. Documentation Example Demo Overview This library allows you to define animation

loyd rscam Rust wrapper for v4l2. let mut camera = rscam::new("/dev/video0").unwrap(); camera.start(&rscam::Config { interval: (1, 30), // 30 fps

image-rs y4m YUV4MPEG2 (.y4m) Encoder/Decoder. Format specification. Usage Simple stream copying: extern crate y4m; use std::io; let mut infh = io::stdin(); l

xiph rav1e The fastest and safest AV1 encoder. Overview rav1e is an AV1 video encoder. It is designed to eventually cover all use cases, though in its curr

streamlib Streamlib Streamlib is a meta-player for media streams. The streamlib CLI works against a curated library of video and audio streams, and enables quer

yuvadm Slingr A simple CLI for streaming media files over a local network to UPnP media renderers. Designed to work with cheap HDMI/DLNA/UPnP/Miracast Dongle