Value formatting

Crates to allow an application to format values for display to a user, potentially adapting the display to various languages and regions

Newest releases

ritiek rafy Rust library to fetch YouTube content and retrieve metadata. An attempt to mimic pafy but in Rust. Installation Put the below in your Cargo.toml

novacrazy dual_num Fully-featured Dual Number implementation with features for automatic differentiation of multivariate vectorial functions into gradients. Usa

dtynn humanize-rs This lib aims at converting human-readable strings to specific types. It's mainly used in parsing config files. Usage Add this lib as a de

neosmart PrettySize, rust edition A comprehensive file size crate for rust applications, meant to be light and effective. Includes utilities for human-readable

chrivers Simple colored logger for rust The colog library is a simple formatter backend for the standard rust logging system (in the log crate). Getting starte

whisperfish phonenumber Rust version of libphonenumber by Google. Usage Add this to your Cargo.toml: [dependencies] phonenumber = "0.1" Example The following exam

leopoldarkham Humansize Documentation Features Humansize lets you easily represent file sizes in a human-friendly format. You can specify your own formatting style

magiclen Validators This crate provides many validators for validating data from users and modeling them to structs without much extra effort. All validators a

dtolnay dtoa This crate provides fast functions for printing floating-point primitives to an io::Write. The implementation is a straightforward Rust port of M