Newest releases

EmbarkStudios This is a very early stage project to make Rust a first-class language and ecosystem for building GPU code 🚀 🚧

mahkoh This crate provides a macro that generates a trait-union type. That is, a trait object type which can contain any one of a pre-determined set of implementors.

bbqsrc Ever wanted a Cursor in no_std? Well now you can have it. A 'fork' of Rust's std::io module for no_std environments, with the added benefit of not needing alloc.

eycorsican A lightweight and fast proxy utility tries to include any useful features.

epi052 A fast, simple, recursive content discovery tool written in Rust.

chemicstry An std::thread replacement for wasm32 target.

thefuntastic Hack project to build a digital tide clock using Rust and Raspberry Pi.

jkarneges This project attempts to compare the performance of a manually written poll loop vs async/await. It uses "fake" I/O objects that work in memory. The async executor uses no allocs, mutexes, or thread local storage, and tries to be

rust-lang-nursery A small macro for defining lazy evaluated static variables in Rust.

cormacrelf It's a program for watching when macOS switches to dark mode. Useful for making your text editor switch to a dark theme. Includes a Neovim (Lua) plugin to do exactly that.

DankDumpster Mouse-rs is a rust library for controlling your mouse from a rust program, without having to go into your kernel yourself.

doukutsu-rs A re-implementation of Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari) engine written in Rust, aiming for behavior accuracy and cleaner code. Later plans might involve turning it into a fully-featured modding tool with live debugging and stuff.

rotoclone A best-of-breed language with a holistic approach to moving the needle.

akiles Embassy is a project to make async/await a first-class option for embedded development.

LPGhatguy Crevice creates GLSL-compatible versions of types through the power of derive macros. Generated structures provide an [as_bytes][Std140::as_bytes] method to allow safely packing data into buffers for uploading.

khionu A Rust Raft implementation designed for intuitive use

travisbrown Tools for fighting abuse on Twitter

rust-gamedev A suite of benchmarks designed to test and compare Rust ECS library performance across a variety of challenging circumstances.

rust-lang focused on defining and communicating Rust's error handling story.

wfxr 📠 csview - A high performance csv viewer with cjk/emoji support.

dropbox pb-jelly is a protobuf code generation framework for the Rust language developed at Dropbox.

thedodd Build, bundle & ship your Rust WASM application to the web.

Sarath18 My implementation of the book Ray Tracing in One Weekend in Rust

aspenluxxxy This is currently not cryptographically-secure. CSPRNGs are planned to be added in the future, but do not use this in it's current state for cryptographically-secure random number generation.

rust-lang-ja ac-library-rs is a rust port of AtCoder Library (ACL).

project-oak RVT is a collection of tools/libraries to support both static and dynamic verification of Rust programs.

DataDog Scipio (pronounced skip-iow) is a Cooperative Thread-per-Core crate for Rust & Linux based on io_uring. Like other rust asynchronous crates it allows one to write asynchronous code that takes advantage of rust async/await, but unl

stjepang Async interface for working with processes

containers libkrun is a dynamic library that allows programs to easily acquire the ability to run processes in a partially isolated environment using KVM Virtualization.

CSML-by-Clevy CSML (Conversational Standard Meta Language) is a Domain-Specific Language designed for easily creating conversational experiences.

stjepang Compatibility adapter between tokio and futures

moelife-coder In rust, const functions are a type of functions that may be interpreted by the compiler at compile time.

wareya Autotyler is a program that turns small "incomplete" tilemaps into complete godot 3x3 minimal autotile tilemaps, including support for configuring edge sizes.