Newest releases

Wilfred Difftastic is an experimental structured diff tool that compares files based on their syntax.

zakarumych Alkahest is serialization library aimed for packet writing and reading in hot path. For this purpose Alkahest avoids allocations and reads data only on demand.

snoyberg This repository is a work in progress, experimental exploration of strongly typed routing in Rust. It follows my previous work with Yesod in Haskell.

zesterer A fancy diagnostics & error reporting crate

PicoJr Detect if code is running inside a virtual machine (x86 and x86-64 only).

mattsse Besides their size, rust binaries have a significant disadvantage: rust binaries are not memes yet.

aghayes An application for downloading public domain ebooks from irc. Despite the name it is not to be used for illegal activities and I am in no way responsible for any such use.

COMBINE-lab The purpose of this repository is to build a simple library that exposes a bit-packed k-mer class for use in rust-based bioinformatics projects. The class implementation is generic over the k-mer length by making use of const gene

alexfedoseev Task runner and process manager for Rust

vlad17 Like parallel --pipe --roundrobin but load balancing is performed based on input line hashing. When performing keyed aggregations in child processes this is crucial since then only one shard contains a given key.

wtklbm The Rust standard library localization documentation now supports early previews in 104 languages, which can be used as smart tips for IDE tools to help Rust developers quickly understand the Rust API and improve the development e

jamesmunns A simple, single-future, non-blocking executor intended for building state machines. Designed to be no-std and embedded friendly.

AkiaCode Rust library that can be reset if you think it's slow

twitter rustcommon is a collection of common libraries we use in our Rust projects. This includes datastructures, logging, metrics, timers, and ratelimiting.

rusticstuff Blazingly fast API-compatible UTF-8 validation for Rust using SIMD extensions, based on the implementation from simdjson. Originally ported to Rust by the developers of simd-json.rs.

philip-peterson ๐Ÿ‚ A Rust-based simulated DOM (browser-independent replacement for web_sys)

j-selby This is a simple, display-only (for now) port of OxidGB to the Raspberry Pi Pico.

kdash-rs KDash - A fast and simple dashboard for Kubernetes Note: This is a beta version and is work in progress _ __ ___ _ | |/ /| \ __ _ __

jojolepro A minimalist and safe ECS library for rust!

Lucretiel Autodefault automatically makes your struct literals fill themselves with `..default()`

ruabmbua sys hidapi - Rust-y wrapper around hidapi

hskang9 commonregex - Rust port for CommonRegex. Find all times, dates, links, phone numbers, emails, ip addresses, prices, hex colors, and credit card numbers in a string. We did the hard work so you donโ€™t have to.

zakarumych Skeleton animation and IK crate

spacejam seaslug small, beautiful, knowable, DOESN'T EXIST YET LOL non-turing complete, verified terminating code placed into well-defined interfaces similar t

ezrosent frawk is a small programming language for writing short programs processing textual data.

grego bset Fast and compact sets of bytes and ASCII characters, useful for searching, parsing and determining membership of a given byte in the given set. T

RazrFalcon Find out what takes most of the space in your executable.

maciejhirsz Create ridiculously fast Lexers

TianyiShi2001 Rusty Algorithms & Data Structures for Learners This repository presents Rust implementations of common algorithms and data structures, many of which

thedjinn MiniWASM - A minimalist Rust WebAssembly project template This is a minimal Rust-powered WebAssembly application template. It was designed to showcase

djkoloski Rust serialization benchmark The goal of these benchmarks is to provide thorough and complete benchmarks for various rust serialization frameworks. Th

ricosjp truck - Truck is a rust CAD kernel Overview Truck is an open-source shape processing kernel by Rust. The broad concept consists of the following three

signalapp libsignal-client is an implementation of the Signal client protocol in Rust.