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LukeMathWalker Zero To Production / Code This repository complements the Zero To Production book: it hosts snapshots of the codebase of our email newsletter project

arindas sangfroid A load balanced thread pool. How does it work? We maintain a binary heap of worker threads. Worker threads are ordered by the number of pend

jonniedie ConcreteStructs.jl ConcreteStructs.jl exports the macro @concrete, which can be used to make non-concrete structs concrete without the boilerplate of

DeployDAO DeployDAO Migrator WARNING: This code is a work in progress. Please do not use it as is. A program for deploying and upgrading programs. About The Mig

katharostech CFG Aliases CFG Aliases is a tiny utility to help save you a lot of effort with long winded #[cfg()] checks. This crate provides a single [cfg_aliases

lucasfcosta Agile Monte Carlo Simulations Demos This is the repository which accompanies the blog post "How to replace estimations and guesses with a Monte Carlo

iden3 Quickstart ==> Get started here β„Ή Important deprecation note The old circom compiler written in Javascript will be frozen, but it can still be downloa

GokiProtocol πŸ”‘ goki Goki is a suite of programs for Solana key management and security. It currently features: Goki Smart Wallet: A wallet loosely based on the Se

skystar-p Hako Simple file sharing with client-side encryption, powered by Rust and WebAssembly Not feature-packed, but basic functionalities are just working.

ParkMyCar A memory efficient immutable string type that can store up to 24* bytes on the stack

joshua-maros A crate for quick and powerful constructor/builder generation in Rust.

googleprojectzero weggli Introduction weggli is a fast and robust semantic search tool for C and C++ codebases. It is designed to help security researchers identify int

japaric aligned A newtype with alignment of at least A bytes License Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 (LICENSE-APACHE or http://www.apache

ihawn A cool, fast maze generator and solver written in Rust

djkoloski rkyv (archive) is a zero-copy deserialization framework for Rust.

poem-web Poem OpenAPI Fast and Type-Safe OpenAPI implementation for Poem. Poem-openapi allows you to easily implement APIs that comply with the OpenAPIv3 speci

Healthire ld48 My entry in the Ludum Dare 48 Compo License ld48 is licensed under any of: MIT License LICENSE-MIT or http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT Apache L

haskellfoundation Matchmaker Description Matchmaker is a project of the Haskell Foundation to help open-source maintainers and contributors find each-other, and provide

Cqdet j2be A Minecraft Java Edition to Bedrock Edition resource pack convertor in Rust How to use Note: This project is still in development Run cargo build

aaronjanse nix-eval-lsp Still use nix-community/rnix-lsp. This repo is a work in progress. nix-eval-lsp is an experimental language server for Nix. It provides c

eleanor-em The β„‚ Programming Language It's a language where the only types are "complex number" and "matrix of complex numbers". In particular, this means you ca

near Reference client for NEAR Protocol

sunfishcode Mustang is a system for building programs built entirely in Rust, meaning they do not depend on any part of libc or crt1.o, and do not link in any C code.

cloudflare Write Cloudflare Workers in 100% Rust via WebAssembly

davidpdrsn todo-or-die provides procedural macros that act as checked reminders.

DeterminateSystems Dynamically generate netboot images for arbitrary NixOS system closures, profiles, or configurations with 10s iteration times.

sandmor A interface for Rust to interact with the taskbar

saber-hq Assorted checks and validations for writing safer Solana programs. 😎

vercel-community Rust runtime for Vercel Functions.

landaire unfuck is a utility and library for deobfuscating obfuscated Python 2.7 bytecode.

Martichou Generate easy to remember sentences that acts as human readable UUIDs πŸ₯³

Wilfred Difftastic is an experimental structured diff tool that compares files based on their syntax.

zakarumych Alkahest is serialization library aimed for packet writing and reading in hot path. For this purpose Alkahest avoids allocations and reads data only on demand.