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VenkoApp venko ✌️ Venko: Rails for realtime finance on Solana. About Venko is a protocol for issuing streams of tokens. It is designed for a variety of usecase

M4tsuri A (de)serializer for RLP encoding in ETH Cargo.toml serlp = "0.1" serde = { version = "1.0", features = ['derive'] } Not Supported Types bool float n

SecureDNA quickdna Quickdna is a simple, fast library for working with DNA sequences. It is up to 100x faster than Biopython for some translation tasks, in part

yisar soga Yoga alternative Test cargo test Use use soga::flexbox::FlexBox; use soga::flexbox::FlexItem; use std::convert::TryInto; fn main() { let mut

project-serum Sealevel Attacks Examples of common exploits unique to the Solana programming model and recommended idioms for avoiding these attacks using the Anchor

dzamkov A simple and convenient way to bundle owned data with a borrowing type. The Problem One of the main selling points of Rust is its borrow checker, whic

m-ou-se Pong A Linux program that replies to ping but modifies the payload of the ICMP package to get lower ping times in some ping implementations. See https

resyncgg DACquiri A compile-time enforced authorization framework for Rust applications. Authorization In typical applications, authorization checks are perfor

terhechte Postsack A high level visual overview of swaths of email TLDR! A web demo that shows how Postsack clusters a set of 10.000 fake emails Do you have man

Rapptz eos eos is a datetime library for Rust, aimed at being robust, simple, and easy to use. eos is made with the assumption of operating under a proleptic

mitsuhiko localzone Utility crate to figure out the IANA (Olson) timezone of the current machine. The IANA timezones have been largely established as the standa

EikaGruppen wsdl2kotlin Creates wrapper klasses in Kotlin for CXF java classes generated from WSDL specifications. Features Data classes for all DTO's Even for in

graydon backtrace-error This is a tiny crate that provides a tiny error-wrapper struct BacktraceError with only two features: Captures a backtrace on From-con

Eugeny Rust S̵̓i̸̓n̵̉ I̴n̴f̶e̸r̵n̷a̴l mutability! Howdy, friendly Rust developer! Ever had a value get m̵̯̅ð̶͊v̴̮̾ê̴̼͘d away right under your nose just when

fastly log4j_interpreter A Rust library for evaluating log4j substitution queries in order to determine whether or not malicious queries may exist. Limitatio

darkrenaissance zkas zkas is a compiler for the Halo2 zkVM language used in DarkFi. The aim of this book and the repository in general is to document the specificatio

TilBlechschmidt WebGrid Install | Usage | Docs You have an idea for a logo? Submit it here! Cluster ready. Designed with concurrency and on-demand scalability1 in min

AppFlowy-IO AppFlowy.IO ⭐️ The Open Source Notion Alternative ⭐️ You are in charge of your data and customizations. Website • Discord • Twitter • Built With Flutt

losfair Blueboat Blueboat is an open-source alternative to Cloudflare Workers. Blueboat aims to be a developer-friendly, multi-tenant platform for serverless

datatrash MASHI まし A 100% no-std compatible Rust implementation of a PAQ style arithmetic coding, context mixing compressor. Its intended use case is compressin

pmsanford wateor What is this? This command line tool will collect all the untracked files in your repo, create a bzip2-compressed tar file from them, encrypt t

Rust-GPU The Rust CUDA Project An ecosystem of libraries and tools for writing and executing extremely fast GPU code fully in Rust Guide | Getting Started | Fe

LemonHX BLAKE3-STD the first blake3 implementation on std::simd ONLY COMPILES WITH NIGHTLY [dependencies] blake3-std = "0.0.1" OFFICIAL DOC BLAKE3 is a crypto

LogoiLab HoneyUp An uploader honeypot designed to look like poor website security. Requirements Linux server NGiNX Rust toolchain (build only) Installation Bui

vrmiguel kindly kindly is a (hopefully) well-commented Rust implementation of a set-user-ID-root program, similar to sudo but in a much reduced way. Building #

Jacobbishopxy Fabrix Fabrix is a lib crate, who uses Polars Series and DataFrame as fundamental data structures, and is capable to communicate among different data

postcss-rs postcss-rs 🚀 Fast and 100% API compatible postcss replacer, built in Rust ⚠️ DO NOT USE. STILL WORK IN PROGRESS. Performance Improvement Tokenize boo

FrankBuss Arduino Nano frequency counter with atomic clock accuracy Project description and test setup With this project you can measure a frequency from less t

drifting-in-space Spawner Spawner is a bridge between a web application and Kuberenetes. It allows a web application to create session-lived containers that serve WebSo

Rodrigodd chasm A very simple compile-to-WebAssembly language You can play with chasm online. This is a rewrite in Rust of the compiler for the language chasm.

monaqa ☑️ Todome (日本語版はこちら) Todome is a notation developed for making and editing to-do lists. It is inspired by Todo.txt, and in fact some of the todome not

neodyme-labs Solana Security Workshop Welcome to our Solana Security Workshop! All details are in the docs. To check it out online, visit https://workshop.neodyme.