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tailhook Lithos Documentation Lithos is a process supervisor and containerizer for running services. Lithos is not intended to be system init. But rather tries

Pavinberg monat -- Modern file system Navigator 简体中文 Introduction monat is a Unix shell auxiliary command focusing on the navigation of the file system, especia

zserge This is a tiny UNIX shell, implemented in Rust and in C. It is derived from the brilliant IOCCC submission back in 1990 by Sean Dorward. The repository includes the original IOCCC version, as well as the modernized deobfuscated ve

hmwill tokio-linux-aio This package provides an integration of Linux kernel-level asynchronous I/O to the Tokio platform. Linux kernel-level asynchronous I/O

valpackett tiny-nix-ipc A small and convenient Rust library for using (UNIX domain) sockets for simple synchronous IPC. Socket::new_socketpair makes a socketpair

iliana pentacle pentacle is a library for executing programs as sealed anonymous files on Linux, using memfd_create(2). This is useful for executing programs

levex cgroups-rs Native Rust library for managing control groups under Linux Right now the crate only support the original, V1 hierarchy, however support is

japaric Raw system calls for Rust This library allows Rust code to invoke system calls directly. See the list of supported platforms. Additions are very welco

mitsuhiko unix-ipc This crate implements a minimal abstraction over UNIX domain sockets for the purpose of IPC. It lets you send both file handles and rust obje

jedisct1 A simple and secure DNS client for Rust API documentation This is a DNS client crate. Some people may call that a stub resolver. It can resolve IPv4 a

grayjack Coreutils in Rust An attempt to make a safe re-implementation coreutils aiming for a minimal and yet complete set of utilities. This project aims to h

stratis-storage devicemapper-rs A library wrapping Linux's devicemapper ioctls (does not use libdm). Development status BETA, feature complete but needs testing. Docu

vv9k rustop All important information about your system in one place. rustop gathers information from procfs so for now support is limited to Linux. Instal

mange mpris A Rust library for dealing with MPRIS2-compatible players over D-Bus. NOTE: Until it is possible to mark a minimum Rust version in the crate man

lucab libsystemd A pure-Rust client library to work with systemd. It provides support to interact with systemd components available on modern Linux systems.

libbpf libbpf-sys Rust bindings to libbpf from the Linux kernel Maintainer: Alex Forster <[email protected]> License: BSD-2-Clause libbpf-sys is the packa

swizard0 simple-signal A simple wrapper for handling Unix process signals. Example Usage extern crate simple_signal; use simple_signal::{self, Signal}; use st

tailhook libmount Documentation | Github | Crate This is a higher-level wrapper around mount() system call for linux. Goals: Type-safe wrapper, including mount

softprops shiplift a rust interface for maneuvering docker containers install Add the following to your Cargo.toml file [dependencies] shiplift = "0.6" usage Ma

johalun This crate provides a safe interface for reading and writing information to the kernel using the sysctl interface. FreeBSD, Linux and macOS are suppor

jcreekmore timeout-readwrite A Rust crate providing Reader and Writer structs that timeout. Why is this useful when we have async I/O? Take, for instance, the ca

mdsteele rust-ar A rust library for encoding/decoding Unix archive (.a) files. Documentation: https://docs.rs/ar Overview The ar crate is a pure Rust implement

rust-embedded gpio-cdev API Documentation rust-gpio-cdev is a Rust library/crate providing access to GPIO character device ABI. This API, stabilized with Linux v4.4

whitequark rust-xdg rust-xdg is a library that makes it easy to follow the X Desktop Group specifications. Currently, only XDG Base Directory specification is im

lucab caps A pure-Rust library to work with Linux capabilities. caps provides support for manipulating capabilities available in modern Linux kernels. It su

tmiasko shell-words Process command line according to parsing rules of Unix shell. Usage Add this to Cargo.toml: [dependencies] shell-words = "1.0.0" Add this

smithay calloop Calloop, a Callback-based Event Loop This crate provides an EventLoop type, which is a small abstraction over epoll or kaqueue for unix system

jbaublitz neli Type safe netlink library for Rust As of version 0.4.0, completeness of autogenerated documentation and examples will be a focus. Please open iss

eminence procfs This crate is an interface to the proc pseudo-filesystem on linux, which is normally mounted as /proc. Long-term, this crate aims to be fairly

ogham rust-users This is a library for accessing Unix users and groups. It supports getting the system users and groups, storing them in a cache, and creati