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everettjf atosl-rs 🦀️ atos for linux by rust - A partial replacement for Apple's atos tool for converting addresses within a binary file to symbols. tested on

centaurwho rustress Simple network stress testing library. To get familiar with Rust Planned features (Subject to change) Multithreaded client/server Throughput

scrubjay55 click-once A small tiny little binary to fix malfunctioning mouse double clicks in Windows, written in Rust. Minimal executable with little to no over

andreafioraldi LibAFL QuickJS Fuzzing Example An example fuzzer about how to fuzz a JS engine combinign Nautilus with Token-level fuzzing. Prepare Make sure to have

iheyunfei rusty_nodejs_path Port path module (and tests) of nodejs to rust using the same algorithms. crates.io Documents Progress posix path.basename(path[, ex

ivre Masscanned Masscanned (name inspired, of course, by masscan) is a network responder. Its purpose is to provide generic answers to as many protocols as

graydon Exhaustigen This is a tiny (but delightful!) utility library for exhaustive testing. It is based (directly) on the idea and code in the following blog

samapriya ee-appshot: Create Snapshot of Earth Engine Apps This repo will create a JSON collection of Google Earth Engine apps from my collaborators and those w

assert-rs trycmd Snapshot testing for a herd of CLI tests trycmd aims to simplify the process for running a large collection of end-to-end CLI test cases, takin

extremecodetv ExtremeCodeOS New gen. Linux Преамбула Необходимо исправить все недостатки линукса и сделать самый лучший и самый доступный дистрибутив из всех сущест

unicode-rs Iterators which split strings on Grapheme Cluster or Word boundaries, according to the Unicode Standard Annex #29 rules. Documentation use unicode_seg

thomaschaplin rust-counter-strings Counter strings generator written in rust to help aid software testing What is a counterstring? "A counterstring is a graduated s

quarkslab Rewind is a snapshot-based coverage-guided fuzzer targeting Windows kernel components.

ChillFish8 A more modern http framework benchmarker supporting HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 benchmarks.

loiclec Structure-aware, in-process, coverage-guided, evolutionary fuzzing engine for Rust functions.

mattsse chromiumoxide provides a high-level and async API to control Chrome or Chromium over the DevTools Protocol

rust-gamedev A suite of benchmarks designed to test and compare Rust ECS library performance across a variety of challenging circumstances.

juzi5201314 A benchmark library. Stable rust (no black_box) Beautiful output Async support Custom async runtime Memory usage Custom formatting Intuitive numerical units Support custom memory allocator

darklang Benchmark to compare async web server + interpreter + web client implementations across various languages

Ace4896 An offline typing test, written using Rust and Iced.

divy-work AutoPilot is a simple cross-platform desktop automation library for Deno.

facebookarchive propfuzz: Rust tools to combine coverage-guided fuzzing with property-based testing

enigo-rs enigo Cross platform input simulation in Rust! Linux (X11) mouse Linux (X11) text Linux (Wayland) mouse Linux (Wayland) text MacOS mouse MacOS text Wi

utkarshkukreti speculate.rs An RSpec inspired minimal testing framework for Rust. Installation Add speculate to the dev-dependencies section of your Cargo.toml: [dev

saresend Selenium-rs About Selenium-rs is a simple client for the selenium webdriver. Its built to work with the webdriver protocol (spec found here). It curre

zummenix expectest Docs | Examples | Changelog | Crates.io This project is inspired by Nimble for Swift. It provides matchers and matcher functions to express

mjkillough Factori A testing factory library for Rust, inspired by FactoryBot. 🤖 🦀 Factori makes it easy to instantiate your test objects/fixtures in tests whi

assert-rs assert_fs Assert Filesystems - Filesystem fixtures and assertions for testing. assert_fs aims to simplify Setting up files for your tests to consume A

facebookarchive partial-io A Rust utility library to test resilience of Read or Write wrappers. If you'd like to help out, see CONTRIBUTING.md. Documentation (latest

codesandwich Mocking framework for Rust (currently only nightly). See documentation for more. #[mockable] mod hello_world { pub fn world() -> &'static str {

pyfisch Keyboard Types Documentation Contains types to define keyboard related events. The naming and conventions follow the UI Events specification but this

mindsbackyard Galvanic-test: easier test setup for Rust This crate provides a framework for creating test suites, managing their shared dependencies, and for writin