parallel — Reimplementation of GNU Parallel

MIT/Rust Parallel: A Command-line CPU Load Balancer Written in Rust This is an attempt at recreating the functionality of GNU Parallel, a work-stealer

Related Repos

JoshMcguigan waysay is a native wayland client for providing desktop notifications. It aims to be a drop in replacement for swaynag.

rcore-os Tutorial for rCore OS step by step (3rd edition)

DorianRudolph Sirula (simple rust launcher) is an app launcher for wayland. Currently, the only feature is launching apps from .desktop files. Feel free to submit pull requests for any feature you like.

joshtriplett Process file descriptors (pidfd) provide a race-free way to manage processes on Linux, maintaining a persistent reference to a process using a file descriptor rather than a numeric process ID (PID) that could be reused after the process exits.

haimgel This utility watches for USB device connect/disconnect events and switches monitor inputs via DDC/CI. This turns a simple USB switch into a full-fledged KVM solution: press one button on your USB switch and all your monitors connect to a different input.

clementtsang A cross-platform graphical process/system monitor with a customizable interface and a multitude of features. Supports Linux, macOS, and Windows. Inspired by both gtop and gotop.