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apopiak Substrate Node Template A fresh FRAME-based Substrate node, ready for hacking πŸš€ Getting Started Follow the steps below to get started with the Node T

rylev Intro to Rust This is the code for the my series of "Introduction to Rust" streams. You can find the streams on my YouTube channel. Who are these stre

metasoarous Toto Simple but powerful static site generation in Clojure The real man behind the curtain... Overview Toto is a static site generation toolkit build

camsjams A static HTML development tool, built with Rust

grego Blades is made to do one job and do it well - generate HTML files from the provided content using the provided templates.

sger Rust Books Books Starter Books Advanced Books Resources Books Starter Books The Rust Programming Language Free Welcome! This book will teach you about

rust-unofficial Rust Design Patterns An open source repository of design patterns and idioms in the Rust programming language. Contents Introduction Idioms Constructo

brson stdx - The missing batteries of Rust New to Rust and don't yet know what crates to use? stdx has the best crates. Current revision: stdx 0.119.0-rc, f

rust-lang rustlings πŸ¦€ ❀️ Greetings and welcome to rustlings. This project contains small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code. This inclu

ctjhoa rust-learning A bunch of links to blog posts, articles, videos, etc for learning Rust. Feel free to submit a pull request if you have some links/resou

mre This repository collects resources for writing clean, idiomatic Rust code. Please bring your own. 😊 Idiomatic coding means following the conventions

jamesmunns Awesome Rust Streaming This is a community curated list of livestreams about the programming language Rust. Don't see a stream that you like? Feel fre

leven-the-blog Leven Leven is a lightweight Markdown-based static site generator for blogs. It's a lot like Jekyll or Hugo, but it's much simpler, much faster, and m

FuGangqiang Mdblog Static site generator from markdown files with features: TeX style math support file path is the post url file name is the post title post can

getzola zola (nΓ© Gutenberg) A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in. Documentation is available on its site or in the docs/co