Newest releases

dondish Kiwi Lang Scripting Language made for fun Example def hello_name name { return "Hello " + name } def main { integer = 1 floating_point =

muscache Zetro Generate typed and extremely efficient APIs from a schema file. Effectively turning an API response like this: // 695 bytes: key-value pair {"ro

vinted Strongly typed Elasticsearch DSL written in Rust This is an unofficial library and doesn't yet support all the DSL, it's still work in progress. Featu

mkhan45 in progress pretty printing calculator language

Starlight-JS Starlight is a JS engine in Rust which focuses on performance rather than ensuring 100% safety of JS runtime.

rash-sh Declarative shell scripting using Rust native bindings inspired in Ansible

rhaiscript Rhai - Embedded Scripting for Rust Rhai is an embedded scripting language and evaluation engine for Rust that gives a safe and easy way to add scripti

mun-lang Mun Mun is a programming language empowering creation through iteration. Features Ahead of time compilation - Mun is compiled ahead of time (AOT), as

murarth Ketos Ketos is a Lisp dialect functional programming language. The primary goal of Ketos is to serve as a scripting and extension language for program

gluon-lang gluon Gluon is a small, statically-typed, functional programming language designed for application embedding. Features Statically typed - Static typin

PistonDevelopers dyon A rusty dynamically typed scripting language Tutorial Dyon-Interactive Dyon Snippets /r/dyon Dyon script files end with .dyon. To run Dyon script