Newest releases

newca12 A curated list of (sometimes) awesome Rust resources regarding automated or semi-automated formalization efforts in any area, including classical mathematics, constructive mathematics formal algorithms, and program verification.

skerkour Deep dive into offensive security with the rust programming language - Early access

Veykril This book is an attempt to distil the Rust community's collective knowledge of Rust macros, Macros by Example to be precise. As such, both additions (in the form of pull requests) and requests (in the form of issues) are welcome.

Kixiron Language development libraries for Rust

brupst Brupst is a Rustaceans open source community organization from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. As you can see, Rust has gradually appeared in the public eye in recent years, and is known for its efficient, safe

brupst A curated list of Rust codes and resources made from BUPT, including but not limited to all kinds of wheels invented by BUPTer.

pretzelhammer I write educational content for Rust beginners and Rust advanced beginners.