Procedural macros

Crates to help you write procedural macros in Rust.

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setzer22 Blackjack Your Rusty 🦀 procedural 3d modeler Blackjack is a procedural modelling application, following the steps of great tools like Houdini or Blen

jamesmunns toml-cfg Rough ideas: Crates can declare variables that can be overridden Anything const, e.g. usize, strings, etc. (Only) The "root crate" can overri

jiftechnify valq   valq provides a macro for querying and extracting value from structured data in very concise manner, like the JavaScript syntax. Look & Feel: u

vongaisberg gpt3_macro Rust macro that uses GPT3 codex to generate code at compiletime. Just describe what you want the function to do and (optionally) define a f

vultix js-macros Quickly prototype Rust procedural macros using JavaScript or TypeScript! Have you ever thought "this would be a great use case for a procedu

WilliamVenner inline-rust This is a stupid macro inspired by inline-python that compiles and executes Rust and spits the output directly into your Rust code. There

fabianboesiger Debug Plotter This crate provides a convenient macro to quickly plot variables. Example In this example, we quickly want to plot the variables a, b, a

Diggsey spanr A tool for procedural macro authors to be able to interactively view and debug the Spans on generated code. Screenshot Example usage #[proc_macr

ekzhang Crepe   Crepe is a library that allows you to write declarative logic programs in Rust, with a Datalog-like syntax. It provides a procedural macro tha

remi-dupre Advent of Code helper This crate provides a macro to generate a handful main for your advent of code participation. The intention is to provide someth

jkelleyrtp Pipette A small crate for using pipes in Rust. use pipette::{Pipeline, pipe}; let input = 1; let output = pipe(( input |a| a * 2, |a| a

diwic inner - The inner! macro descends into an enum variant. It’s more flexible than try!() and unwrap(), and it works with your enum, too!

magiclen macro enum-ordinalize - This crates provides a procedural macro to let enums not only get its variants’ ordinal but also be constructed from an ordinal

ahrefs derive-ocaml - Custom derive and procedural macros for easier ocaml <-> rust FFI WARNING this crate is very experimental derive-ocaml is based on top

dtolnay Rust Quasi-Quoting This crate provides the quote! macro for turning Rust syntax tree data structures into tokens of source code. Procedural macros in

dtolnay Parser for Rust source code Syn is a parsing library for parsing a stream of Rust tokens into a syntax tree of Rust source code. Currently this librar

danielkeep parse-generics This repository contains several pieces related to the proposed RFC #1583: parse-generics-poc - a proof-of-concept implementation of th

texitoi Rust mdo Presentation Rust mdo is a monadic do notation using macros and duck typing. It provides a syntax extension providing something that looks li

mooli Adds #[zoet] macro to reduce boilerplate when implementing common traits. If you are sick of writing impl Deref for Bar etc. and it didn't compile bec

manishearth absolution "Freedom from syn" This crate provides an introspectible token tree representation for writing Rust proc macros. It's still somewhat unstab

8bitmate I thought Rust doesn't have reflection...? This crate explores what it could look like to tackle the 80% use case of custom derive macros through a pr

mitsuhiko procspawn This crate provides the ability to spawn processes with a function similar to thread::spawn. Unlike thread::spawn data cannot be passed by t

goncalerta Rust Quasiquoter This crate implements the quote! macro as a procedural macro, instead of the original quote! macro, implemented with macro_rules!. Th

azriel91 Proc Macro Roids Traits and functions to make writing proc macros more ergonomic. proc_macro_roids = "0.7.0" Makes writing procedural macros much easi

dtolnay Procedural macros in expression position As of Rust 1.30, the language supports user-defined function-like procedural macros. However these can only b

jbaublitz getset Getset, we're ready to go! A procedural macro for generating the most basic getters and setters on fields. Getters are generated as fn field(&s

jeltef derive_more Rust has lots of builtin traits that are implemented for its basic types, such as Add, Not, From or Display. However, when wrapping these