No standard library

Crates that are able to function without the Rust standard library.

Newest releases

XAMPPRocky Rasn Welcome to the rasn (pronounced "raisin"), a safe #[no_std] ASN.1 codec framework. That enables you to safely create, share, and handle ASN.1 dat

yaahc color-eyre An error report handler for panics and the eyre crate for colorful, consistent, and well formatted error reports for all kinds of errors. T

zesterer Mutation Use the power of nightly Rust to write code that's generic over mutation! Features Zero-cost (at runtime)! Highly likely to trigger Internal

rust-embedded mutex-trait Low level API definition of a Mutex This project is developed and maintained by the Resources team. Documentation Minimum Supported Rust V

smart-leds-rs Smart-leds Use various addresable led like the ws2812 (neopixel) or apa102 (dotstar) in rust. As their protocol greatly differs and for some (like the

rust-embedded-community pc-keyboard A simple driver for handling PC keyboards, with both Scancode Set 1 (when running on a PC) and Scancode Set 2 support (when reading a PS/2

richardanaya executor [dependencies] executor = "0.7" Features #![no_std] + alloc global executor for easy spawning simple enough to learn from! (~ 100 lines) simp

core-error Core Error Traits for working with Error in std-less environments. Warning This is a pre-release meant to allow experimentation and integration into t

RustyYato rel-ptr rel-ptr a library for relative pointers, which can be used to create moveable self-referential types. This library was inspired by Johnathan B

rustyyato rel-ptr rel-ptr a library for relative pointers, which can be used to create moveable self-referential types. This library was inspired by Johnathan B

rust-osdev vga This crate provides vga specific functions, data structures, and access to various registers. Memory addresses 0xA0000 -> 0xBFFFF must be readable

calebzulawski Multiversion Function multiversioning attribute macros for Rust. What is function multiversioning? Many CPU architectures have a variety of instructio

lucretiel joinery A Rust library for generically joining iterables with a separator. Provides the tragically missing string join functionality to rust. extern c

richardanaya libw This library is meant to be a more human wrapper around only the strict capabilities of wasi only uses #[no_std] and alloc to encourage non-bloat

japaric μfmt A (6-40x) smaller, (2-9x) faster and panic-free alternative to core::fmt Call graph of a program that formats some structs (generated using cargo

gurry efi A framework for writing UEFI applications in Rust. Acts like Rust standard library on the UEFI platform with support for things like: Console I/O

amanieu cstr_core This crate provides an implementation of CStr and CString which do not depend on the standard library and are suitable for no_std environmen

casualx String Obfuscation Compiletime string literal obfuscation for Rust. Examples Comes with a simple wide! macro to provide compile time utf16 string lite

richardanaya webcomponent Web components are a W3C standard for writing your own HTML element. webcomponent is a Rust library for easily writing your own web compo

huonw ieee754 Low-level manipulations of IEEE754 floating-point numbers. This library includes: no_std support by default, ulp computation (units in the las

kixunil Generic IO A type safe, low level replacement for std::io. Supports no_std for embedded development, just disable cargo feature std. Motivation The IO

rust-embedded fixedvec API Documentation fixedvec is a Rust library/crate providing a heapless version of the Rust vector type. Although more limited than the libst

lokathor fermium The fermium crate is raw bindings to the SDL2 C API. For the "high-level wrapper" crate, please see beryllium. Currently this targets SDL2-2.0

bluss odds Odds and ends — collection miscellania. Extra functionality related to slices, strings and other things. Please read the API documentation here R

maciejhirsz beef Faster, more compact implementation of Cow. Changelog - Documentation - Cargo - Repository use beef::Cow; let borrowed: Cow<str> = Cow::borrowed

rust-lang libm A port of MUSL's libm to Rust. Goals The short term goal of this library is to enable math support (e.g. sin, atan2) for the wasm32-unknown-unkno

andylokandy arraydeque A circular buffer with fixed capacity. Requires Rust 1.20+. This crate is inspired by bluss/arrayvec Documentation Usage First, add the fol

rust-osdev x86_64 library Support for x86_64 specific instructions (e.g. TLB flush), registers (e.g. control registers), and structures (e.g. page tables). Crate

jamesmunns Postcard Postcard is a #![no_std] focused serializer and deserializer for Serde. Postcard aims to be convenient for developers in constrained environm

bytecodealliance This is a library for managing targets for compilers and related tools. Currently, the main feature is support for decoding "triples", which are strin

uuid-rs uuid Generate and parse UUIDs. Provides support for Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs). A UUID is a unique 128-bit number, stored as 16 octets. UU