A Micro Transport Protocol library implemented in Rust.

rust-utp A Micro Transport Protocol library implemented in Rust. API documentation Overview The Micro Transport Protocol is a reliable transport proto

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zhboner realm is a simple, high performance relay server written in rust.

tcharding Basic TCP peer to peer connectivity [1] using libp2p over the Tor network.

naia-rs a cross-platform (currently Linux & WebAssembly) networking engine built in Rust. Intended to make multiplayer game development dead-simple & lightning-fast

stjepang Async networking primitives for TCP/UDP/Unix communication.

marcnewlin small experiment to learn some rust via a nRF24 Enhanced Shockburst receiver (2SPS IQ -> packets)

zerosum0x0 Kernel Mode TCP Sockets + LSASS Dump (Rust Shellcode)

aws Analyze HTTP requests to minimize risks of HTTP Desync attacks (precursor for HTTP request splitting/smuggling).

stjepang This crate allows you to create a TcpStream or a UnixStream in a non-blocking way, without waiting for the connection to become fully established.