rust-libp2p P2P — The Rust Implementation of libp2p networking stack.

Central repository for work on libp2p This repository is the central place for Rust development of the libp2p spec. Warning: While we are trying our b

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clux Rust client for Kubernetes in the style of a more generic client-go. It makes certain assumptions about the kubernetes api to allow writing generic abstractions, and as such contains rust reinterpretations of Reflector and Informer to allow writing kubernetes controllers/watchers/operators more easily.

dtolnay The initial round of stabilizations for the async/await language feature in Rust 1.39 did not include support for async fn in traits. Trying to include an async fn in a trait produces the following error:

agrinman tunnelto lets you expose your locally running web server via a public URL. Written in Rust. Built completely with async-io on top of tokio.

jedisct1 An easy to install, high-performance, zero maintenance proxy to run an encrypted DNS server.

zhboner realm is a simple, high performance relay server written in rust.

tcharding Basic TCP peer to peer connectivity [1] using libp2p over the Tor network.

naia-rs a cross-platform (currently Linux & WebAssembly) networking engine built in Rust. Intended to make multiplayer game development dead-simple & lightning-fast

stjepang Async networking primitives for TCP/UDP/Unix communication.