Network programming

Network programming

Newest releases

rustdesk A working demo of RustDesk server implementation

surban Asynchronous interface to official Bluetooth Low Energy APIs on Linux (BlueZ)

HouraiTeahouse A (almost) 100% pure safe Rust implementation of GGPO-style rollback netcode

resyncgg Armada is a high performance TCP SYN scanner. This is equivalent to the type of scanning that nmap might perform when you use the -sS scan type. Armada's main goal is to answer the basic question "Is this port open?". It is then u

mikroskeem Imagine your SSH server only listens on an IPv6 address, and where the last 6 digits are changing every 30 seconds as a TOTP code...

zerotier ZeroNS provides names that are a part of ZeroTier Central's configured networks; once provided a network it

webrtc-rs A pure Rust implementation of WebRTC stack. Rewrite Pion WebRTC stack in Rust

rustdesk The best open source remote desktop software written with Rust, out of the box, no configuration required, great alternative of TeamViewer and AnyDesk. You have full control of your data, no concerns about security. You can use ou

LEXUGE High-performance DNS server with rule matching/DoT/DoH functionality built-in.

fanout Condure is a service that manages network connections on behalf of server applications, in order to allow controlling the connections from multiple processes. Applications communicate with Condure over ZeroMQ.

tonarino innernet is similar in its goals to Slack's nebula or Tailscale, but takes a bit of a different approach. It aims to take advantage of existing networking concepts like CIDRs and the security properties of WireGuard to turn your c

raftario An async executor based on the Win32 thread pool API

NOBLES5E cproxy can redirect TCP and UDP traffic made by a program to a proxy, without requiring the program supporting a proxy.

xutianyi1999 Simple VPN implemented using rust

aper-dev Aper is a framework for real-time sharing of arbitrary application state over WebSockets. Its use-cases include real-time browser-based collaboration tools and multiplayer in-browser games.

mattsse With voyager you can easily extract structured data from websites.

dollarkillerx Blaskwate rust port scanner tool

mozilla webrtc-sdp - This create parses strings in the format of the Session Description Protocol according to RFC4566. It specifically supports the subset of features required to support WebRTC according to the JSEP draft.

async-rs async-global-executor - A global executor built on top of async-executor and async-io

messense if-addrs - Return interface IP addresses on Posix and windows systems

keeperofdakeys dns-lookup - A simple dns resolving api, much like rust’s unstable api. Also includes getaddrinfo and getnameinfo wrappers for libc variants.

lemunozm message-io is an asynchronous message library to build network applications easy and fast. The library manages and processes the socket data streams in order to offer a simple event message API to the user.

Edu4rdSHL Fast DNS resolver written in Rust. Works on Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, Aarch64, ARM and possibly in your oven.

stjepang This crate allows you to create a TcpStream or a UnixStream in a non-blocking way, without waiting for the connection to become fully established.

aws Analyze HTTP requests to minimize risks of HTTP Desync attacks (precursor for HTTP request splitting/smuggling).

zerosum0x0 Kernel Mode TCP Sockets + LSASS Dump (Rust Shellcode)

marcnewlin small experiment to learn some rust via a nRF24 Enhanced Shockburst receiver (2SPS IQ -> packets)

stjepang Async networking primitives for TCP/UDP/Unix communication.

naia-rs a cross-platform (currently Linux & WebAssembly) networking engine built in Rust. Intended to make multiplayer game development dead-simple & lightning-fast

tcharding Basic TCP peer to peer connectivity [1] using libp2p over the Tor network.

zhboner realm is a simple, high performance relay server written in rust.

jedisct1 An easy to install, high-performance, zero maintenance proxy to run an encrypted DNS server.