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bnjbvr rouille Aren't you le tired from writing Rust programs in English? Do you like saying "merde" a lot? Would you like to try something different, in an

yuk1ty sabi In Japanese version https://github.com/bnjbvr/rouille. Shamelessly copied and updated from it. 日本語で Rust プログラムを書くことができます! 例 main.rs sabi::sabi! {

LIKO-12 This repository is for the new under renovation rewrite of the LIKO-12 project. The legacy version with the original stars and contributions is still

ekzhang µKanren-rs This is a Rust implementation of µKanren, a featherweight relational programming language. See the original Scheme implementation here for

arctic-hen7 Perseus is a blazingly fast frontend web development framework built in Rust with support for major rendering strategies, reactivity without a virtual DOM, and extreme customizability. It wraps the lower-level capabilities of Syca

gakonst A drop-in replacement for `dapp` and `seth` in Rust

zkat miette is a diagnostic library for Rust. It includes a series of traits/protocols that allow you to hook into its error reporting facilities, and even write your own error reports!

kpcyrd This is an experimental implementation of binary transparency for pacman, the Arch Linux package manager.

buttercrab zero runtime cost default arguments in rust

mTvare6 🚀Memory safe, blazing fast, configurable, minimal hello world written in rust(🚀) under 1 line of code with few(1039🚀) dependencies

jntrnr A small programming language created in an hour

UpliftGames Wally is a package manager for Roblox inspired by Cargo (Rust) and npm (JavaScript). It brings the familiar, community-oriented world of sharing code from other communities into the Roblox ecosystem.

antoyo This is a GCC codegen for rustc, which means it can be loaded by the existing rustc frontend, but benefits from GCC: more architectures are supported and GCC's optimizations are used.

microsoft The windows-app crate makes the Windows App SDK available to Rust developers. It is powered by the the windows crate.

orhun Rust port of the Terry Davis' (RIP) "god says" program

iovxw Lightweight Telegram RSS notification bot. 用于消息通知的轻量级 Telegram RSS 机器人

robiot Rustcat is a port listener that can be used for different purposes.

devongovett A node API for the dprint TypeScript and JavaScript code formatter. It's written in Rust for blazing fast speed.

googlefonts Sample code for compute shader 101 training

StarArawn A tilemap rendering plugin for bevy which is more ECS friendly by having an entity per tile.

TOETOE55 lens implemented in rust

utam0k youki is an implementation of runtime-spec in Rust, referring to runc. This project is in the experimental stage at this point. I think Rust is one of the best languages to implement oci-runtime, so I'm having fun experimenting wi

mkhan45 This VM runs a simplistic, Turing complete instruction set.

getsentry This workspace contains various crates that provide support for logging events and errors / panics to the Sentry error logging service.

MoonZoon MoonZoon is a Rust Fullstack Framework.

higker learn-rust 这是一个分享Rust学习资料的在线学习网站📚 。 微信群二维码过期你可以添加我微信: AA996DD 目的是什么 ❓ 通过连载文章的形式帮助有一定其他语言编程基础的人快速学习和入门 Rust 内容包括 Rust 基础、内置库、web

Wafelack Wait, a register based 64 bits virtual machine written in Rust.

dtolnay This repo contains a selection of projects designed to learn to write Rust procedural macros — Rust code that generates Rust code.

notriddle A GNU unified diff generator. Oracle tested against GNU patch 2.7.6

Wafelack Orion lang is a lispy programming language that is strongly and statically typed.

rp-rs rp2040-pac - PAC for Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontrollers

rp-rs A Rust HAL impl for the RP family of microcontrollers from the Raspberry Pi Foundation

yuchunzhou A file storage service