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unic0rn9k SLAS Static Linear Algebra System Provides statically allocated vector, matrix and tensor types, for interfacing with blas/blis, in a performant manor

maxpert RuES - Expression Evaluation as Service RuES is a minimal JMES expression evaluation side-car, that uses JMESPath and it can handle arbitrary JSON. Wh

ziyasal An opinionated, powerful math lib for Vector2, Vector3, Matrix and Quaternion operations Vector2 Add, Sub, Div, Mul, Eq Distance Move towards target a

mmderakhshani Linear Algebra Pamphlet This is a repository containing my pamphlet regarding Linear Algebra course held by Prof. Gilbert Strang at MIT. I wrote this

JASory Iridium Atomic Physics Library Attempt at making a atomic database. Uses Nubase2020, ENSDF for decay chains, atomic masses, and half-lives. Nubase2020

al-jshen A zero-dependency crate for fast number generation, with a focus on ease of use (no more passing &mut rng everywhere!).

dimforge Linear algebra library for the Rust programming language.

aldanor This crate provides a super-fast decimal number parser from strings into floats.

aftix Scientific Computing in Rust

masonium linxal Status Description linxal is a linear algebra package for rust. linxal uses LAPACK as a backend, (specifically with the lapack package) to exec

dche GLSL Mathematics for Rust. Another Rust mathematics library for graphics applications. Inspired by the great GLM library for C++, glm-rs implements th

rust-num num-bigint Big integer types for Rust, BigInt and BigUint. Usage Add this to your Cargo.toml: [dependencies] num-bigint = "0.3" Features The std crate

brendanzab Abstract algebra for Rust |(โ€ข โ—กโ€ข)|ใƒŽใ€ต(โแดฅโโ‹ƒ) - "ALGEBRAIC!!!" Abstract algebra organises organises a wide range of structures into a logically cons

xu-cheng katex-rs This crate offers Rust bindings to KaTeX. This allows you to render LaTeX equations to HTML. Documentation https://docs.rs/katex Usage Add th

zesterer coord is deprecated. I recommend using vek, a project with near-identical aims instead. Coord Description Coord is a simple, ergonomic vector mathemat

manifoldfr Point processes in Rust Point processes are stochastic processes with a wide range of applications in seismology, epidemiology, or financial mathemati

pistondevelopers vecmath A simple and type agnostic Rust library for vector math designed for reexporting How to contribute Motivation It is hard to agree on the "the

rust-num num-complex Complex numbers for Rust. Usage Add this to your Cargo.toml: [dependencies] num-complex = "0.3" Features This crate can be used without th

tiffany352 Rink Rink is a unit-aware calculator. It can be used for physics and engineering calculations, as well as dimensionality analysis. Rink supports most

advancedresearch discrete Combinatorial phantom types for discrete mathematics Change log This library is for constructing algorithms by composition that maps to and f

guillaumegomez rust-GSL A Rust binding for the GSL library (the GNU Scientific Library). Installation This binding requires the GSL library library to be installed:

maplant aljabar An experimental n-dimensional linear algebra and mathematics library for computer graphics, designed to be roughly compatible with cgmath. The

chalharu chfft Fastest Fourier Transform library implemented with pure Rust. How-to Use See the crate documentation for more details. Features CFft1D - Perform

athemathmo rulinalg This library is no longer actively maintained The crate is currently on version 0.4.2. Read the API Documentation to learn more. Summary Ruli

blas-lapack-rs openblas-src The package provides a source of BLAS and LAPACK via OpenBLAS. The usage of the package is explained here. The following Cargo features a

aatch RAMP - Rust Arithmetic in Multiple Precision Ramp is a high-performance multiple-precision (aka "BigNum") library for working with numbers bigger than

taaitaaiger jlrs The main goal behind jlrs is to provide a simple and safe interface to the Julia C API. Currently this crate is only tested on Linux and Windows

ljedrz lambda_calculus lambda_calculus is a simple, zero-dependency implementation of pure lambda calculus in Safe Rust. Documentation Features a parser for

rekka meval This Rust crate provides a simple math expression parsing and evaluation. Its main goal is to be convenient to use, while allowing for some flex

likebike fasteval Fast and safe evaluation of algebraic expressions fasteval is a library for parsing, compiling, and evaluating algebraic expressions. It can

akubera bigdecimal-rs Documentation Arbitrary-precision decimal numbers implemented for rust. About This repository contains code originally meant for a bigde

georust geos Rust bindings for GEOS C API. The supported geos version is >= 3.5 Disclaimer GEOS can be a tad strict on the validity on the input geometry and