macOS APIs

Bindings to macOS-specific APIs

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iron Project moved to iron/iron This project has been moved to the iron/iron monorepo. You can find the latest version of sessionstorage at https://github.

ssheldon Rust interface for Apple's C language extension of blocks. For more information on the specifics of the block implementation, see Clang's documentatio

mrmekon fruitbasket - Mac app Framework for Rust fruitbasket provides two different (but related) services for helping you run your Rust binaries as native Ap

ssheldon Rust wrapper for Apple's Grand Central Dispatch (GCD). GCD is an implementation of task parallelism that allows tasks to be submitted to queues where

smudge nightlight A CLI for configuring "Night Shift" on macOS 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 This crate also doubles as a Rust library. 🦀 Why? The "Night Shift" feature on

mrmekon Rubrail Rubrail is a Rust library for building Touch Bar interfaces for Mac OS X. It creates a persistent icon in the 'Control Strip' region on the ri

olson-sean-k Plexus is a Rust library for polygonal mesh processing. See the website for the most recent API documentation and the user guide. Primitives and Itera

embarkstudios 🌋 ash-molten ash-molten is built on top of ash and exposes a new entry point to statically link with MoltenVK. Requires Xcode 11 and Mac OS 10.15 (Ca

octplane FSEvent API for Rust Original Author: Pierre Baillet @octplane Installation In cargo.toml fsevent = "*" Usage cf examples/ folder. Contributors Mathi

ssheldon Objective-C Runtime bindings and wrapper for Rust. Documentation: Crate: Messa