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Machine learning

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Sidekick-AI Dataflow Dataflow is a data processing library, primarily for machine learning. It provides efficient pipeline primitives to build a directed acyclic

andreev-io Little Raft The lightest distributed consensus library. Run your own replicated state machine! ❤️ Installing Simply import the crate. In your

jonasrmichel rudiments rudiments is a step-sequencing drum machine that plays rhythm patterns using audio samples. Features 16-step programmable measures. Configur

FindoraNetwork Findora Platform Wiki Contribution Guide Licensing The primary license for Platform is the Business Source License 1.1 (BUSL-1.1), see LICENSE. Except

containers netavark: A container network stack Netavark is a rust based network stack for containers. It is being designed to work with Podman but is also applic

Sh1Yo x8 Hidden parameters discovery suite written in Rust. How does it work Features Examples Send parameters via query Send parameters via body Custom tem

digorithm LC-3 written in Rust An LC-3 virtual machine written in Rust for learning purposes. Write-up/guide can be found here:

vaaaaanquish rust-machine-learning-api-example Example of Rust API for Machine Learning API example that uses resnet224 to infer images received in base64 and retu

hora-search 🚀 efficient approximate nearest neighbor search algorithm collections library written in Rust 🦀 .

tangramdotdev Tangram is an all-in-one automated machine learning framework.

c0dearm Mushin: Compile-time creation of neural networks Mushin is a Japanese term used in martial arts that refers to the state of mind obtained by practice.

c0dearm Compile-time creation of neural networks with Rust

superfly Fly Init This is a public snapshot of Fly's init code. It powers every Firecracker microvm we run for our users. It is Rust-based and we thought makin

mc2-project This library implements a cryptographic system for efficient inference on general convolutional neural networks.

ejmahler RustFFT is a mixed-radix FFT library written in pure Rust

pemistahl Its task is simple: It tells you which language some provided textual data is written in. This is very useful as a preprocessing step for linguistic data in natural language processing applications such as text classification and

etsy An Evolutionary Strategies Toolkit for high speed blackbox optimization. Evokit currently supports Classic ES (p, λ), Natural Evolutionary Strategies, and Canonical Evolutionary Strategies optimization. It requires a processor sup

bilal2vec l2 is a Pytorch-style Tensor+Autograd library written in Rust

charles-r-earp Machine Learning Library for Rust

bilal2vec l2 • 🤖 A Pytorch-style Tensor+Autograd library written in Rust Installation • Contributing • Authors • License • Acknowledgements Made by Bilal Khan

koute A work-in-progress, experimental neural network library for Rust The goal of this crate is to provide a Rust neural network library which is simple, e

kinghajj minimax-rs - Generic implementations of Minimax in Rust. About This library provides interfaces that describe: the rules for two-player, perfect-knowl

autumnai Cuticula • Cuticula tries to provide a smart and customizable pipeline for preprocessing data for machine learning tasks. Clean preprocessing methods

primitiv Rust frontend of primitiv Prerequisites Rust (1.26 or later) Clang (3.9 or later) (optional) CUDA (8.0 or later) Install mkdir work cd work # build p

jackm321 RustNN An easy to use neural network library written in Rust. Crate Documentation Description RustNN is a feedforward neural network library. The libr

mikhailkravets NeuroFlow is fast neural networks (deep learning) Rust crate. It relies on three pillars: speed, reliability, and speed again. Hello, everyone! Work o

millardjn Alumina An experimental deep learning library written in pure rust. Breakage expected on each release in the short term. See in examples or R

datawraith Status: In maintenance mode. I will address Issues and Pull requests, but have no plans to add new features. BBT BBT is an implementation of a skill-r

autumnai collenchyma-NN • collenchyma-NN provides Neural Network related algorithms for Collenchyma. Run NN operations on servers, desktops or mobiles, GPUs, F

afshinm Juggernaut Juggernaut is an experimental Neural Network written in Rust Demo Juggernaut Demo Example Want to setup a simple network using Juggernaut?

robbepop PROPHET - Neural Network Library Linux Windows Codecov Coveralls Docs A simple neural net implementation written in Rust with a focus on cac

mrrobb gym-rs OpenAI gym binding for Rust. Actively maintained! If you have any problem just create an issue. Install Just install the requierements layed ou