Image processing

Image processing

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Brooooooklyn @napi-rs/image Image processing library. Support matrix node10 node12 node14 node16 node17 Windows x64 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Windows x32 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ macOS x64 ✓ ✓ ✓

mcy boxy - declarative box-drawing characters Box-drawing characters are used extensively in text user interfaces software for drawing lines, boxes, and o

singe nthasher A fast wordlist to nthash converter Usage Pass it a UTF8 encoded wordlist, and write the output to a file. ./nthasher <wordlist> > wordlist.n

tuliocll Exchange Rust 🦀 Uma CLI escrita em Rust que converte um valor de uma moeda para outra consumindo a API CurrencyConverterApi (projeto de estudo). Util

DenSASoftware kantig - create low-poly images Create low-poly images in your command line. This program has a variety of options and allows the use of stdin/stdout

ChevyRay Crunch A rectangle packer, written in Rust, for cramming lots of rectangles into a larger one. It is designed primarily with sprite-packing in mind (e

dtolnay Convert number to enum This crate provides a derive macro to generate a function for converting a primitive integer into the corresponding variant of

tonarino shadergarden Shadergarden is a tool for building hot-code-reloadable shader pipelines. For a tutorial for how to get started, consult the introductory

arzg sema: a theme that focuses on what’s important On the Visual Studio Marketplace On the Open VSX Registry Take a look at the website for information on

PiyushSuthar Save image from your clipboard 📋 as an image file directly from your command line! 🔥

rust-cv Rust CV is a project to implement computer vision algorithms, abstractions, and systems in Rust.

QuantumBadger Rust library for hardware accelerated drawing of 2D shapes, images, and text, with an easy to use API.

MustafaSalih1993 tai (Terminal Ascii Image) tool to convert images to ascii written in Rust

Smerity Zero dependency images (of chaos) in Rust

lf94 png2linetext - Transform PNG to textual line art!

umgefahren In the newest version, the algorithm performs in most cases better then PNG. In fact the only image that get's bigger is img_4. The original img_2.png, for example is 12.8 MB; the compressed binary has only a size of 10.1 MB. Howe

num3ric sol-rs is a small rendering toolkit for Vulkan, with a focus on real-time raytracing (which is not currently available via other APIs such as WebGPU). It hosts convenience wrappers but also exposes ash directly. Tested on Windows/

djhworld Encode data into PNG images! Steganography tool

EmbarkStudios A light Rust API for Multiresolution Stochastic Texture Synthesis [1], a non-parametric example-based algorithm for image generation.

shssoichiro Oxipng is a multithreaded lossless PNG compression optimizer. It can be used via a command-line interface or as a library in other Rust programs.

GraphiteEditor Graphite is an open-source, cross-platform digital content creation desktop app for 2D graphics editing, photo processing, vector art, digital painting, illustration, and compositing

visioncortex visioncortex VTracer is an open source software to convert raster images (like jpg & png) into vector graphics (svg). It can vectorize graphics and photographs and trace the curves to output compact vector files.

sassman Blazingly fast terminal recorder that generates animated gif images for the web written in rust

PsichiX Crates used to generate 2D mesh from images representing density/height map.

femtovg Antialiased 2D vector drawing library written in Rust.

dragonflyoss The nydus project implements a user space filesystem on top of a container image format that improves over the current OCI image specification

kornelski Encoder/converter for AVIF images. Based on rav1e and avif-serialize, which makes it pure Rust, with no C code!

kornelski Encoder/converter for AVIF images. Based on rav1e and avif-serialize, which makes it pure Rust, with no C code!

H-M-H Weylus turns your tablet or smart phone into a graphic tablet/touch screen for your computer!

sonmezonur initials initials crate helps to generate customizable avatars with the initial characters from the names. Setup and Usage In your Cargo.toml, add the

whisperfish blurhash-rs A pure Rust implementation of Blurhash. Blurhash is an algorithm written by Dag Ågren for Wolt (woltapp/blurhash) that encodes an image in