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SpectralOps Service Policy Kit service_policy_kit is a Rust based toolkit for verifying HTTP services against policies. You can: Build a complete testing framewor

tailscale Experimental Tailscale PAM Module This is a very very experimental Tailscale PAM module that allows you to SSH using your Tailscale credentials. This

dtolnay Clone trait that is object-safe This crate provides a DynClone trait that can be used in trait objects, and a clone_box function that can clone any si

Riey rust-pager Yet another pager in Rust Features Vim like keybindings Search substring Mouse wheel support Install cargo install rust-pager Usage <comman

sstadick 🪓 hck A sharp cut(1) clone. hck is a shortening of hack, a rougher form of cut. A close to drop in replacement for cut that can use a regex delimiter

Sh1Yo Based on the amazing research by James Kettle. The tool can help to find servers that may be vulnerable to request smuggling vulnerability.

zhaofengli Colmena Colmena is a simple, stateless NixOS deployment tool modeled after NixOps and Morph, written in Rust. It's a thin wrapper over Nix commands li

ducaale Yet another HTTPie clone

justjavac Simple, minimal-dependency HTTP client. Optional features for https with native-tls TLS implementations.

frewsxcv Encoder and decoder for HTTP chunked transfer coding.

wyyerd This is a pure Rust client for Apache Pulsar that does not depend on the C++ Pulsar library. It provides an async/await based API, compatible with Tokio and async-std.

dertuxmalwieder yet another youtube (and more) down loader

Edu4rdSHL FHC stands for Fast HTTP Checker, it's written in Rust. Works on Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, Aarch64, ARM and possibly in your oven.

softprops goji a rust interface for jira install Add the following to your Cargo.toml file [dependencies] goji = "0.2" usage Please browse the examples director

softprops hyperlocal Hyper client and server bindings for Unix domain sockets Hyper is a rock solid Rust HTTP client and server toolkit. Unix domain sockets pro

mikedilger formdata Documentation is available at This library provides a type for storing multipart/form-data data, as wel

hack-ink Intro cloudflare-bypasser Inspired by python module cloudflare-scrape Require Node.js Example extern crate cloudflare_bypasser; extern crate reqwest;

mardiros cabot cabot is a learning rust project made on my free time,without the pretention to be production used. Cabot is a simple Rust library to perform HT

perfectmak pinata-sdk The pinata_sdk provides the easieset path for interacting with the Pinata API. Setup Add the crate as a dependency to your codebase [depend

amandasaurus rust-cgi Easily create CGI[1][2] programmes[3] in Rust based on http types. Installation & Usage Cargo.toml: [dependencies] cgi = "0.6" Use the cgi_ma

http-rs http-client Types and traits for http clients. API Docs | Releases | Contributing Installation With cargo add installed run: $ cargo add http-client S

sergejjurecko mio_httpc is an async http client that runs on top of mio only. For convenience it also provides CallBuilder::exec for a simple one-line blocking HTTP

spietika Restson Rust Easy-to-use REST client for Rust programming language that provides automatic serialization and deserialization from Rust structs. The li

WillSewell Pusher HTTP Rust Library The Rust library for interacting with the Pusher HTTP API. This package lets you trigger events to your client and query the

dekellum hyperx Hyper is the low-level HTTP implementation for Rust. Hyperx is an extraction of the hyper 0.11 typed header module, with minimized dependencies

tafia hyper-proxy A proxy connector for hyper based applications. Documentation Example use hyper::{Client, Request, Uri}; use hyper::client::HttpConnector;

neonmoe minreq Simple, minimal-dependency HTTP client. Optional features for https (https), json via Serde (json-using-serde), and unicode domains (punycode).

http-rs http-types Common types for HTTP operations. API Docs | Releases | Contributing Installation $ cargo add http-types Safety This crate uses unsafe in a

jayjamesjay http_req Simple and lightweight HTTP client with built-in HTTPS support. Requirements http_req by default uses rust-native-tls, which uses TLS framewo

sagebind Isahc Say hello to Isahc (pronounced like Isaac), the practical HTTP client that is fun to use. Formerly known as chttp. Key features Full support for

algesten ureq Minimal request library in rust. Usage // requires feature: `ureq = { version = "*", features = ["json"] }` #[macro_use] extern crate ureq; fn m

seanmonstar reqwest An ergonomic, batteries-included HTTP Client for Rust. Plain bodies, JSON, urlencoded, multipart Customizable redirect policy HTTP Proxies HTT