Newest releases

facundoolano rpg-cli is a bare-bones JRPG-inspired terminal game written in Rust. It can work as an alternative to cd where you randomly encounter enemies as you change directories.

adder46 This is the classic tetris game I wrote to have a bit of fun with Rust. Installation and playing cargo install --git

octotep Crossterm plugin for the bevy game engine

dev-family 2048 game implemented with Rust and Yew and compiled to WASM

ReeCocho Camp Misty is an asymmetric multiplayer game of deduction where a helpless victim is being hunted down by a ruthless killer!

JMS55 Sandbox - a sand simulation game

netcan Animal Fight Chess Game(斗兽棋) written in rust.

mkeeter pont is an online game based on Qwirkle (by Mindware Games)

a-b-street Ever been on a bus stuck in traffic, wondering why there are cars parked on the road instead of a bus lane? A/B Street is a game exploring how small changes to a city affect the movement of drivers, cyclists, transit users, and pe

fleabitdev GameLisp is a scripting language for Rust game development.

RLBot rlbot-rust RLBot is a framework for creating offline Rocket League bots. This crate lets you write bots using a simple, safe interface that should fee

jarcane rouler A container-like system for generating dice rolls Usage rouler is a Rust library for generating die rolls from convenient little state containe

Ortham Libloadorder Libloadorder is a cross-platform library for manipulating the load order and active status of plugins for the following games: TES III: M

chrisbouchard klondike-rs CLI Klondike Solitaire written in Rust Installing from The simplest way to run klondike-rs is to install it from using

elliottneilclark rs-poker RS Poker is a rust library aimed at being a good starting place for lots of poker rust code. Correctness and performance are the two main goa

adrienball 2048-rs This is a Rust implementation of the famous 2048 game which runs in the terminal. In addition to the standard user inputs, an AI can be used t

sprang Marmoset   Marmoset is a single-player implementation of the card game SET®. It uses GTK+ 3 and is written in Rust. In addition to the classic SET® ru

mingweisamuel Riven Rust Library for the Riot Games API. Riven's goals are speed, reliability, and maintainability. Riven handles rate limits and large requests wit

mikigraf Image-Processing-CLI-in-Rust CLI for processing images in Rust. Some implementation is custom and for some functionality it uses 3rd party libraries.

Twinklebear tray_rust - A Toy Ray Tracer in Rust tray_rust is a toy physically based ray tracer built off of the techniques discussed in Physically Based Renderin

RazrFalcon svgcleaner svgcleaner helps you clean up your SVG files, keeping them free from unnecessary data. Table of Contents Purpose Goals Alternatives Charts

RazrFalcon resvg resvg is an SVG rendering library. Purpose resvg can be used as: a Rust library a C library (see capi) a CLI application (see tools/rendersvg) t

Limeth euclider A higher-dimensional "non-euclidean" ray tracing prototype written in Rust. Dual-licensed under MIT or the UNLICENSE. Installation Install th

phantomion My snake game Looks like this. This is with Roboto Mono Nerd Font. If you use a different font it may look different or distorted. Install rust In ord

ozkriff Zone of Control The project is discontinued Sorry, friends. ZoC is discontinued. See Downloads Preco

ozkriff Zemeroth is a turn-based hexagonal tactical game written in Rust. Support: News: @ozkriff on twitter | | facebook |

aleshaleksey TGWM (Tales of the Great White Moose) NB: Currently compiles. Should compile and run on both 1.28.0 and 1.31.1 if the Cargo.lock files are deleted. A

swatteau sokoban-rs This is an implementation of Sokoban in the Rust Programming Language. An example level: Build Instructions Before building sokoban-rs, you

garkimasera Rusted Ruins Extensible open world rogue like game with pixel art. Players can explore the wilderness and ruins. This game is written in Rust. Screens

dpc rhex Contributors welcome! Rhex is looking for contributors. See Contributing page for details. Introduction Simple ASCII terminal hexagonal map rogue

cristicbz Rust Doom A little Doom 1 & 2 Renderer written in Rust. Mostly written while I was learning the language about 2 years ago, so it might not the best e

soydos Pusoy Dos core lib 2nd attempt at a pusoy dos library Aims simple external interface configurable rulesets (support Pickering rules and standard Pusoy

schulke-214 rsnake - An implementation of classic snake in rust This game was built using the piston_window window wrapper. Download the game If youre using mac-o