Game development

Game development

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NiklasEi Bevy asset loader This Bevy plugin reduces boilerplate when loading game assets. The crate offers the AssetCollection trait and can automatically load

TCTD-IIT-Bombay Overview There is currently an acute shortage of medical grade oxygen in large parts of India, as a consequence of a big surge in the number of critic

Lea-fish Multi-version Minecraft-compatible client written in Rust, forked from Stevenarella.

dskart Rustcraft is a simple Minecraft engine written in rust using wgpu.

dimforge 2D and 3D physics engines focused on performances.

thoughtworks EpiRust An agent-based epidemiology simulation framework built in Rust This is a monorepo containing code for the EpiRust framework - engine - The mai

mvlabat bevy_megaui This crate provides a megaui integration for the Bevy game engine. bevy_megaui depends solely on megaui and bevy with only render feature

lowenware Dotrix has a flat linear ECS (Entity Component System) in its core, designed for fast querying of entities and their components.

amethyst Legion aims to be a feature rich high performance Entity component system (ECS) library for Rust game projects with minimal boilerplate.

extrawurst compare gdnative rust based physics against Godot built-in physics

adam-mcdaniel A dependency-free chess engine library built to run anywhere.

gmorenz Experimental Quantum Computer Simulator + Quantum Chess Implementation

octotep bevy_crossterm is a Bevy plugin that uses crossterm as a renderer. It provides custom components and events which allow users to develop games for the terminal.

ekzhang This is a physically based, CPU-only rendering engine written in Rust. It uses path tracing to generate realistic images of 3D scenes.

Wafelack Simple raytracer written in Rust following Ray Tracing in One Weekend

malandrin A Rust implementation of the "Another World" ("Out of This World" in USA) game engine, compiled to WebAssembly to run it in the web. It also includes a debugger and a resources viewer.

mrk-its WebGL2 renderer plugin for Bevy game engine

joshuajbouw Tile maps with chunks for the Bevy game engine.

BlueBlazin A Gameboy emulator written in Rust, compiled to WebAssembly, and running in the browser.

jam1garner A mod for downloading and using your own minecraft skin to use in game, just enter your username!

ajour Ajour is a World of Warcraft addon manager written in Rust with a strong focus on performance and simplicity. The project is completely advertisement free, privacy respecting and open source. Ajour currently supports Windows, macO

ToruNiina Separoは@gfngfn氏によって考案された2人対戦用ボードゲームです。 ルールの詳細は、@gfngfn氏の個人ウェブページ佛陀ヶ谷で配布されています。

bevyengine Bevy is a refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust. It is free and open-source forever!

cormac-obrien Richter - A modern implementation of the Quake engine in Rust.

PsichiX The hottest HTML5 + WASM game engine for games written in Rust with web-sys.

zkat It lets you define complex, intricate AI behaviors for your entities based on their perception of the world. Definitions are almost entirely data-driven, using plain .ron files, and you only need to program considerations (entitie

overdrivenpotato A library for building full PSP modules, including both PRX plugins and regular homebrew apps.

robmikh A port of robmikh/Minesweeper using winrt-rs.

dimforge 2 and 3-dimensional rigid body physics engine for Rust.

rustgd specs-hierarchy Scene graph type hierarchy abstraction for use with specs. Builds up a Hierarchy resource, by querying a user supplied Parent componen

ryanisaacg quicksilver A simple 2D game framework written in pure Rust, for both the Web and Desktop Alpha Notice This version of Quicksilver is currently workin

amethyst Laminar Laminar is an application-level transport protocol which provides configurable reliability and ordering guarantees built on top of UDP. It foc

rofrol Awesome wgpu A curated list of wgpu code and resources. PRs welcome. About wgpu matrix chat