Game development

Game development

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LyonSyonII Hunt Hunt is a (highly-opinionated) simplified Find command made with Rust. It searches a file/folder by name on the entire drive. If the --first flag

angelofallars 🌳 treefetch A lightning-fast minimalist system fetch tool made in Rust. Even faster than pfetch. Made to practice my new Rust skills 🦀 . A great pai

termhn rayn This is a CPU-based path tracing renderer focused on rendering SDFs, specifically fractals. It was originally based on the book "Ray tracing in o

mattatz Differential Geometry Study Study of differential geometry with Rust + WebGL. Build setup # change working directory to www $ cd www # install depend

expenses This is a high-performance renderer designed among other things to render glTF models that use the KHR_materials_transmission and KHR_materials_volume

HectorPulido Rust pong Pong-like videogame made with Rust and Bevy Features Correct Physics AI Score Wasm TO DO Score Wasm Multiplayer How to run For the desktop v

timvisee lazymc Note: this is a prototype and currently incomplete. lazymc puts your Minecraft server to rest when idle, and wakes it up when players connect.

ziyasal Natura A simple, efficient spring animation library for smooth, natural motion in Rust Usage Natura is framework-agnostic and works well in 2D and 3D

JonahPlusPlus bevy_atmosphere A procedural sky plugin for bevy Example use bevy::prelude::*; use bevy_atmosphere::*; fn main() { App::build() .insert_re

Srinivasa314 Calcite Calcite is a library for easily creating deno plugins. Getting Started Refer the docs Examples To run the examples do cargo build --example sy

jamadazi Bevy Cookbook Click Here List of concise recipes for how to do common game development tasks in the Bevy game engine. Please help improve it and keep

jamadazi Bevy Cheatsheet Click Here Concise cheat sheet to show the exact syntax for common features and programming patterns in the Bevy game engine. Please h

flussonic type_mapper Erlang type mapping tool that allows to convert json to structured data according to type specs. It can: translate JSON to records accordi

yisibl resvg-js A high-performance SVG renderer, powered by Rust based resvg and napi-rs. Very fast, safe and zero dependencies! Cross-platform support, incl

yopox Unbalanced Brawl Unbalanced Brawl is an autochess made for LD49. See the entry page for gameplay details. Play on Setup Put ChevyRay - Bird S

PhilipK BoilR Description This little tool will synchronize games from other platforms into your Steam library, using the Steam Shortcuts feature. The goal is

kvark baryon Baryon is a compact 3D engine focused on fast prototyping in code. No big dependencies, no fancy run-times, GUI editors, or other magic. Depend

NiklasEi Bevy asset loader This Bevy plugin reduces boilerplate when loading game assets. The crate offers the AssetCollection trait and can automatically load

TCTD-IIT-Bombay Overview There is currently an acute shortage of medical grade oxygen in large parts of India, as a consequence of a big surge in the number of critic

Lea-fish Multi-version Minecraft-compatible client written in Rust, forked from Stevenarella.

dskart Rustcraft is a simple Minecraft engine written in rust using wgpu.

dimforge 2D and 3D physics engines focused on performances.

thoughtworks EpiRust An agent-based epidemiology simulation framework built in Rust This is a monorepo containing code for the EpiRust framework - engine - The mai

mvlabat bevy_megaui This crate provides a megaui integration for the Bevy game engine. bevy_megaui depends solely on megaui and bevy with only render feature

lowenware Dotrix has a flat linear ECS (Entity Component System) in its core, designed for fast querying of entities and their components.

amethyst Legion aims to be a feature rich high performance Entity component system (ECS) library for Rust game projects with minimal boilerplate.

extrawurst compare gdnative rust based physics against Godot built-in physics

adam-mcdaniel A dependency-free chess engine library built to run anywhere.

gmorenz Experimental Quantum Computer Simulator + Quantum Chess Implementation

octotep bevy_crossterm is a Bevy plugin that uses crossterm as a renderer. It provides custom components and events which allow users to develop games for the terminal.

ekzhang This is a physically based, CPU-only rendering engine written in Rust. It uses path tracing to generate realistic images of 3D scenes.

Wafelack Simple raytracer written in Rust following Ray Tracing in One Weekend