Foreign Function Interface

The Rust FFI Omnibus (a collection of examples of using code written in Rust from other languages)

Newest releases

xJonathanLEI starkware-crypto-rs Rust FFI bindings for StarkWare's crypto-cpp library There's currently an issue on the official crypto-cpp repository that prevent

WilliamVenner gmod-module-base-rs A base for developing Garry's Mod binary modules in Rust. Getting Started Install Rust Download or git clone this repository Open

Robinlovelace georustr This is a minimal R package to test calling Rust code from R. Rebuild it with: rextendr::document() #> ℹ Generating extendr wrapper functions

chinedufn swift-bridge Call Rust from Swift and vice versa. swift-bridge generates code that helps you call Rust from Swift and vice versa. swift-bridge takes i

veryfi Veryfi is a Rust module for communicating with the Veryfi OCR API Installation Add to your cargo.tml veryfi = "1.

gaxxx KotlinRustProto a prototype project integrating jni rust into Kotlin and using protobuf to make them work together How to start add a RPC call in Droi

AdnoC sixel-sys: Rust FFI bindings for libsixel The sixel-sys crate provides delcarations and linkage for the libsixel C library. This crate does not provid

tidunguyen Table of Contents Table of Contents flexible-fn-rs What is this trying to demo? How is the code structured? Named/Unnamed and Optional arguments Mecha

necauqua opal-uefi-greeter This is an UEFI application written in Rust that unlocks a SED and then launches another UEFI application from the unlocked drive -

Sigmw catrs The cat linux program write in Rust. (PT-BR Language) Get the binary (cargo build --release and get ./release/catrs, or just rustc and

BaseMax Persian Colors (Iranian colors) List of Persian Colors and hex colors for CSS, SCSS, PHP, C++, QML, JS, Python, Ruby and CSharp. Persian colors Name H

wooden-worm Proof of concept: iOS app written in pure Rust To Run Install cargo bundle Install cargo make Start an iOS simulator cargo make run_ios_sim The heavy

Uriopass Inline tweak Inline tweaks is based on this blogpost by tuxedo labs. Tweak any number literal directly from your code, changes to the source appear wh

vrmiguel unixstring UnixString is an FFI-friendly null-terminated byte string that may be constructed from a String, a CString, a PathBuf, an OsString or a col

HerringtonDarkholme Vue's template compiler reimplemented in Rust!

monadgroup Atlas source code dump This is a dump of the source code for the engine, graphics tool and player for Atlas, our 64k demo released with Macau Exports

memN0ps RustSCRunner Shellcode Runner/Injector in Rust using NTDLL functions directly with the ntapi Library. Surprisingly this is my first ever Rust project

matthieu-m A proof of concept implementation of cyclic data structures in stable, safe, Rust. This demonstrates the combined power of the static-rc crate and the

HerringtonDarkholme Vue's template compiler reimplemented in Rust!

littledivy Cross platform and stable bindings to SDL2

Bromeon js-sandbox is a Rust library for executing JavaScript code from Rust in a secure sandbox. It is based on the Deno project and uses serde_json for serialization.

denoland A Rust crate to generate documentation for JavaScript and TypeScript modules.

asgrim Using a Rust lib in a PHP FFI test

PyO3 rust-numpy Rust bindings for the NumPy C-API API documentation Latest release (possibly broken) Current Master Requirements current nightly rust (see

sean1708 Please be aware that this crate is no longer actively maintained, please look into the much more feature rich cbindgen instead. rusty-cheddar rusty-ch

manishearth rust-adorn Python-style function decorators for Rust Example usage: use adorn::{adorn, make_decorator}; #[adorn(bar)] fn foo(a: &mut u8, b: &mut u8,

Gigoteur Unicorn Console Unicorn Console is a quick and dirty engine that let you do what you want with a resolution of 400x240 pixels. The main engine is not

kud1ing Rucaja (Rust calls Java) Calling JVM code from Rust via JNI. Usage JNI calls are about 10-20 times slower than regular JVM instructions. It is adviced

gperinazzo Dict-Derive Derive macro for PyO3's FromPyObject and IntoPy<PyObject> traits. The derived implementation turns a Python's dict into your Rust struct a

thepowersgang Rust implementation of C's va_list type Overview This crate provides a rust VaListtype, which is binary-compatible for the C va_list type. It is inten

kennytm mbox: malloc-based box This crate provides structures that wrap pointers returned from malloc as a Box, and automatically free them on drop. These typ

dart-sys dart-sys Native bindings to the dart native extensions sdk. This crate exposes an api for dart_api.h, which exposes the basic dart native extensions a