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joaoh82 Project name is a Rust-SQLite, someone suggested SQLRite because is being developed in Rust and I like it, anyway the goal is write a database modeled off SQLite, in Rust.

alibaba GraphScope is a unified distributed graph computing platform that provides a one-stop environment for performing diverse graph operations on a cluster of computers through a user-friendly Python interface.

vincentdchan PoloDB is an embedded JSON-based database.

rustsec rustsec - Client library for the RustSec security advisory database

humble-tools Column-based serverless database for observability.

erikgrinaker Distributed SQL database in Rust, written as a learning project. Most components are built from scratch, including:Raft-based distributed consensus engine for linearizable state machine replication.

spacejam the champagne of beta embedded databases

CurrySoftware Table of Contents 1. Perlin Perlin Perlin is a free and open-source document search engine library build on top of perlin-core. Since the first releas

jonhoo shortcut This create provides an indexed, queryable column-based storage system. The storage system is, fundamentally, row-based storage, where all ro

dcjanus cang-jie(δ»“ι’‰) A Chinese tokenizer for tantivy, based on jieba-rs. As of now, only support UTF-8. Example let mut schema_builder = SchemaBuilder::de

frugalos cannyls CannyLS is an embedded and persistent key-value storage optimized for random-access workload and huge-capacity HDD. CannyLS mainly has followi

kardeiz pallet A searchable document datastore built on sled and tantivy. Provides a typed-tree interface to a sled database, with standard datastore ops (fin

mattico elasticlunr-rs A partial port of elasticlunr.js to Rust. Intended to be used for generating compatible search indices. Example use std::fs::File; use

scOwez TinyDB or tinydb is a small-footprint, superfast database designed to be used in-memory and easily dumped/retrieved from a file when it's time to save. ✨

ivanceras rustorm Rustorm Rustorm is an SQL-centered ORM with focus on ease of use on conversion of database types to their appropriate rust type. Selecting rec

diesel-rs A safe, extensible ORM and Query Builder for Rust API Documentation: latest release – master branch Homepage Diesel gets rid of the boilerplate for da

rusqlite Rusqlite Rusqlite is an ergonomic wrapper for using SQLite from Rust. It attempts to expose an interface similar to rust-postgres. use rusqlite::{para

sfackler Rust-Postgres PostgreSQL support for Rust. postgres Documentation A native, synchronous PostgreSQL client. tokio-postgres Documentation A native, asyn

blackbeam mysql-async Tokio based asynchronous MySql client library for rust programming language. Installation Library hosted on [dependencies] mysq

AgilData mysql-proxy-rs An implementation of a MySQL proxy server built on top of tokio-core. Overview This crate provides a MySQL proxy server that you can ex

prisma Tiberius A native Microsoft SQL Server (TDS) client for Rust. Supported SQL Server versions Version Support level Notes 2019 Tested on CI 2017 Tested

launchbadge SQLx 🧰 The Rust SQL Toolkit Install | Usage | Docs Built with ❀️ by The LaunchBadge team SQLx is an async, pure Rust† SQL crate featuring compile-tim

seladb PickleDB PickleDB is a lightweight and simple key-value store written in Rust, heavily inspired by Python's PickleDB PickleDB is fun and easy to use u

bonifaido rust-zookeeper Zookeeper client written 100% in Rust This library is intended to be equivalent with the official (low-level) ZooKeeper client which sh

zitsen unqlite A high-level UnQLite database engine wrapper. NOTE: Some of the documents is stolen from UnQLite Official Website. What is UnQLite? UnQLite is

rust-rocksdb rust-rocksdb Requirements Clang and LLVM Contributing Feedback and pull requests welcome! If a particular feature of RocksDB is important to you, plea

mitsuhiko Redis-rs is a high level redis library for Rust. It provides convenient access to all Redis functionality through a very flexible but low-lev

mongodb MongoDB Rust Driver This repository contains the officially supported MongoDB Rust driver, a client side library that can be used to interact with Mon

vhbit lmdb-rs Rust bindings for LMDB Documentation (master branch) Building LMDB is bundled as submodule so update submodules first: git submodule update --

skade Rust leveldb bindings Almost-complete bindings for leveldb for Rust. Documentation Rust version policy leveldb is built and tested on stable releases

driftluo InfluxDBClient-rs A easy-use client to influxdb Overview This is an InfluxDB driver for Rust. Status This project has been able to run properly, PR is

panoptix-za influxdb influxdb provides an asynchronous Rust interface to an InfluxDB database. This crate supports insertion of strings already in the InfluxDB Li

luncj etcd for Rust An etcd(API v3) client for Rust, and it provides async/await APIs backed by tokio and tonic. Documentation on the library can be found a