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Rust implementations of particular ways of organizing data suited for specific purposes

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Yandrik Solutions for the first practical exercise Compilerbau lecture WiSe 2021/2022 - Ulm University Contributing Want to add your solution? Great! Just add

utilForever algorithm-rs algorithm-rs is common data structures and algorithms for competitive programming in Rust. Contents TBA How To Contribute Contributions a

rust-bio This library provides implementations of many algorithms and data structures that are useful for bioinformatics. All provided implementations are rigorously tested via continuous integration.

demigender distance distance: Uses the Jaro similarity metric to measure the distance between two strings FYI, this was just to test Neon, I do not recommend usi

benwmx Vet Clinic Database This repo is Database for a vet Clinic, it contains animals, animals oweners clinic employees and visits. Getting Started This rep

benwmx Vet Clinic Database This repo is Database for a vet Clinic, it contains animals, animals oweners clinic employees and visits. Getting Started This rep

mbhall88 Compute a pairwise SNP distance matrix from one or two alignment(s) Table of Contents Motivation Install cargo conda Precompiled binaries homebrew Con

jwiegley Comparable: Structure differencing in Rust The comparable crate defines the trait Comparable, along with a derive macro for auto-generating instances

jwiegley Delta: Structural differencing in Rust The delta crate defines the trait Delta, along with a derive macro for auto-generating instances of this trait

tremor-rs Repository Template  Queue like disk backed WAL Pronouced Quál - from the german wordrd for agony - because it is. Operations The basic concept is si

facebookresearch Private-ID Private-ID is a collection of algorithms to match records between two parties, while preserving the privacy of these records. We present tw

gamozolabs Summary This is a simple mutator largely based on honggfuzz. This is all written in safe Rust and provides abstractions to allow for coverage guided f

GabeVillalobos Binary Search Tree & Red-Black Tree implementations in Rust A basic project to cut my teeth on some rust development. I gravitated towards this projec

LiamTheProgrammer This repository contains the API for using the SPDL (pronounced spiddle, stands for Structured Parsing Description Language) programming language in R

avitex rust-zc Rust library providing Zc for self-referential zero-copy structures. Documentation hosted on zc = "0.1.2" Usage use zc::Dependant; #

MegEngine MegFlow MegFlow 是一个面向视觉应用的流式计算框架, 目标是简单、高性能、帮助机器学习应用快速落地。 Features 基于 async-std[features=tokio1] 的高效异步运行时调度器 简洁的基于 toml 的建图描述格式 支持静态、动态、共享子图 支持 Rust/P

doctorn Obake is a procedural macro for declaring and maintaining versioned data-structures. The name 'obake' is taken from the Japanese 'お化け (おばけ)', a class of supernatural beings in Japanese folklore that shapeshift.

trishume Proof-of-concept for a gigabyte-scale trace viewer This repo includes: A memory-efficient representation for event traces An unusually simple and memo

apache Welcome to the implementation of Arrow, the popular in-memory columnar format, in Rust.

jonhoo This map implementation allows reads and writes to execute entirely in parallel, with no implicit synchronization overhead. Reads never take locks on their critical path, and neither do writes assuming there is a single writer (mu

10xgenomics Fast and scalable minimal perfect hashing for massive key sets

rutrum convert_case - Convert strings into any case

magiclen cidr-utils - This crate provides data structures and functions to deal with IPv4 CIDRs and IPv6 CIDRs

poiscript serde_indextree - Serializing indextree structure

filecoin-project merkletree - Light merkle tree implementation with SPV support and dependency agnostic

joshua-maros Easy self-referential struct generation for Rust.

jonhoo A HashMap variant that spreads resize load across inserts

tokio-rs Bytes A utility library for working with bytes.

jonhoo ordsearch NOTE: This crate is generally slower than using Vec::binary_search over a pre-sorted vector, contrary to the claims in the referenced paper,

mitchmindtree rose_tree An implementation of the rose tree (aka multi-way tree) data structure for Rust. An indexable tree data structure with a variable and unboun

polyfractal Bounded SPSC Queue This crate provides a very simple bounded, Single-producer Single-consumer (SPSC) queue for Rust. It provides a data structure for

robbepop Modular Bitfields for Rust This crate implements the #[bitfield] macros introduced and specified in David Tolnay's procedural macro workshop. Check ou