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aurora-is-near Aurora Engine Aurora Engine implements an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on the NEAR Protocol. Deployments Network Contract ID Chain ID Status MainNet

naim94a Lumen A private Lumina server that can be used with IDA Pro 7.2+. runs this server. You can read about the protocol research here. Featu

andrewchambers Bupstash is a tool for encrypted backups - if you need secure backups, Bupstash is the tool for you.

opentron OpenTron is an implementation of the Tron blockchain written in Rust. This project is under active development and is not ready for general use.

shesek Minsc is a high-level scripting language for expressing Bitcoin Script spending conditions.

rust-bitcoin Murmel Murmel is a lightweight Bitcoin node. Its intended use is to serve a lightning network stack with a settlement layer. Its resource requirements

rust-bitcoin Rust RPC client for Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC This is a Rust RPC client library for calling the Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC API. It provides a layer of abstract

stevenroose hal -- the Bitcoin companion hal is a command line tool that provides all kinds of Bitcoin-related utilities. Installation $ cargo install hal Summar

exonum Exonum Anchoring Service to Bitcoin This crate implements a service for Exonum blockchain that provides a protocol for anchoring onto the Bitcoin bloc

laanwj Rust c-lightning client This crate provides an interface from rust to the c-lightning daemon through RPC. extern crate clightningrpc; use std::env; us

openethereum pwasm-abi Parity WASM Abi (Legacy and new) Documentation Add dependency [dependencies] pwasm-abi = "0.2" License pwasm-abi is primarily distributed un

coblox Bitcoin RPC Client Deprecated. This library is unmaintained in favor of This crate provides a Rus

wisespace-io bitfinex-rs Unofficial Rust Library for the Bitfinex API V2 Risk Warning It is a personal project, use at your own risk. I will not be responsible for

rust-bitcoin Bitcoin Wallet Library in Rust This is a library to build Bitcoin wallets with Rust. It uses BIP32 key derivation, BIP39 mnemonics and BIP44, BIP48, B

rust-bitcoin Bitcoin's libbitcoinconsensus with Rust binding This project builds libbitcoinconsensus library from Bitcoin's C++ sources using cargo and offers Rust

monero-rs Rust Monero Library Library with support for de/serialization, parsing and executing on data structures and network messages related to Monero currenc

ztgx jlib-rs Lightweight blockchain lib for Skywelld write in Rust. /// Request blockchain server status let config = Config::new(TEST_SERVER, true); Serve

romanz Electrum Server in Rust An efficient re-implementation of Electrum Server, inspired by ElectrumX, Electrum Personal Server and bitcoincore-indexd. The

rust-bitcoin Minimum Supported Rust Version: 1.22.0 This crate uses "2015" edition and won't be ported over "2018" edition in the near future as this will change t

matter-labs-archive sapling-crypto "Community edition" This repository contains an original implementation of Zcash's "Sapling" cryptography with extensions from us for E

rust-bitcoin Rust-Lightning, not Rusty's Lightning! Documentation can be found at The project implements all of the BOLT specifications in the 1.0 spec exc

synlestidae ethereum-tx-sign Allows you to sign Ethereum transactions offline. // 1 mainnet, 3 ropsten const ETH_CHAIN_ID: u32 = 3; let tx = ethereum_tx_sign::Ra

hugues31 Coinnect is a Rust library aiming to provide a complete access to REST APIs for various crypto-currencies exchanges (see below for a list of supported

wisespace-io binance-rs Unofficial Rust Library for the Binance API and Binance Futures API Documentation Binance API Telegram Ris

bwt-dev Bitcoin Wallet Tracker bwt is a lightweight wallet xpub tracker and query engine for Bitcoin, implemented in Rust. 🔸 Personal HD wallet indexer (EPS-

dovahcrow bitmex-rs BitMEX (non-official) client for rust, with async/await support! Documentation Caveat Please run the tests before you use since BitMEX often

tendermint Rust ABCI Tendermint ABCI server, written in the Rust programming language. This library implements the ABCI protocol and can be used to write ABCI ap

aleohq Table of Contents 1. Overview 2. Build Guide 2.1 Install Rust 2.2a Build from Homebrew 2.2b Build from 2.2c Build from Source Code 3. Usage

maciejhirsz tiny-bip39 This is a fork of the bip39 crate with fixes for v0.6. Changes See the releases for changes since the fork. Documentation This crate suppor

tomusdrw rust-web3 Ethereum JSON-RPC multi-transport client. Rust implementation of Web3.js library. Documentation Usage First, add this to your Cargo.toml: [d

paritytech finality-grandpa GRANDPA, GHOST-based Recursive ANcestor Deriving Prefix Agreement, is a finality gadget for blockchains, implemented in Rust. It allo

rust-bitcoin Rust Bitcoin Library Library with support for de/serialization, parsing and executing on data structures and network messages related to Bitcoin. Docu

yeeco yeeroot Official implementation of the YeeCo Root Chain (Layer 1) YeeCo is a permissionless, secure, high performance and scalable public blockchain p