quicli — quickly build cool CLI apps in Rust

QuiCLI Quickly build cool CLI apps in Rust. Getting started Read the Getting Started guide! Thanks This is only possible because of all the awesome li

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ogham dog is a command-line DNS client, like dig. It has colourful output, understands normal command-line argument syntax, supports the DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS protocols, and can emit JSON.

Aloso Terminal wrapper for rendering a terminal on a website by converting ANSI escape sequences to HTML. Works with many shells, including bash, fish, ksh and zsh.

janniks Git ignore: An interactive CLI written in Rust to generate .gitignore files

aantn Graph any terminal cmd with ShowMeAGraph – a visual version of the watch command

LeoCodes21 alpha_decoder is a Rust command-line tool for decoding Alpha2-based shellcode.

JohnTitor RPG - CLI tool for the Rust Playground

thoughtbot Calculate an approximation of code complexity per file in a language-agnostic way.