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mufeedvh seclip 🔒 📝 A CLI utility to secretly copy secrets to your clipboard. 🦀 Table of Contents Features Installation Usage Build From Source Contribution

travisbrown Octocrabby is a small set of command-line tools and Octocrab extensions that are focused on managing block lists on GitHub.

max-niederman ttyper Ttyper is a terminal-based typing test built with Rust and tui-rs. installation With Cargo: cargo install ttyper usage For usage instructions,

Byron gix is a command-line interface (CLI) to access git repositories. It's written to optimize the user-experience, and perform as good or better than the canonical implementation.

raygon-renderer Thermite SIMD: Melt your CPU NOTE: This crate is not yet on, but I do own the name and will publish it there when ready Thermite is a WIP SI

o2sh Miro A GPU-accelerated terminal emulator written in Rust. Themes miro -t pika|kirby|sonic Status Mac OS support with Cocoa and OpenGL. Linux support w

hpjansson Fornalder Fornalder ("Bygone Age") is a small utility that can be used to ingest commit data from collections of git repositories and visualize it in

996icu 996.ICU Please note that there exists NO other official account, app or merchandise except for the official domain and this repository. 中文版 The name 9

rawkode Comtrya This is better, yes? Warning This tool is ridiculously early in its development. I'm building out features as I migrate my dotfiles over. Thos

vvilhonen Nethoscope Employ your built-in wetware pattern recognition and signal processing facilities to understand your network traffic. Check video on how it

TheBinitGhimire                 NtHiM - Super Fast Sub-domain Takeover Detection    Installation Method 1: Using Pre-compiled Binaries The pre-compiled binaries for d

mitsuhiko similar-asserts is a crate that enhances the default assertion experience by using similar for diffing. It supports comparing either Debug or Serialize representations of values. On failed assertions it renders out a colorized dif

containers Features Minimal footprint Fast boot time Zero disk image maintenance Zero network configuration Support for mapping host volumes into the guest Support for exposing guest ports to the host

coriolinus CLI calculator app and library

mbround18 Odin is a CLI tool utilized for installing, starting, and stopping Valheim servers

tjdevries Rust On the FLy completion engine for Neovim.

slp krunvm is a CLI-based utility for managing lightweight VMs created from OCI images, using libkrun and buildah.

adam-mcdaniel Shell scripting that will knock your socks off.

denisidoro Easily share data between different terminal windows – filetree sidebar

dspinellis This repository contains the source code of Unix speak program that appeared in the Third (1973) to Sixth (1975) Research Unix editions, slightly adjusted to run on a modern computer.

adder46 hstr-rs is shell history suggest box. Like hstr, but with pages.

kdl-org KDL is a document language with xml-like semantics that looks like you're invoking a bunch of CLI commands!

thoughtbot Calculate an approximation of code complexity per file in a language-agnostic way.

LeoCodes21 alpha_decoder is a Rust command-line tool for decoding Alpha2-based shellcode.

JohnTitor RPG - CLI tool for the Rust Playground

aantn Graph any terminal cmd with ShowMeAGraph – a visual version of the watch command

janniks Git ignore: An interactive CLI written in Rust to generate .gitignore files

Aloso Terminal wrapper for rendering a terminal on a website by converting ANSI escape sequences to HTML. Works with many shells, including bash, fish, ksh and zsh.

graymind75 calendar is a common tools which we need it to keep attention to the days of our life:)

ogham dog is a command-line DNS client, like dig. It has colourful output, understands normal command-line argument syntax, supports the DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS protocols, and can emit JSON.

Aloso Command-line tool for displaying colors, written in Rust