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Gordon-F cargo-xcodebuild Helps cargo build and run apps for iOS. 📦 ⚙️ 🍏 Setup You need to install Xcode (NOT just Command Line Tools!), xcodegen, cargo-xcod

timClicks cargo eval A cargo plugin to quickly evaluate some Rust source code. Installation $ cargo install --git Us

dtolnay cargo rm New Cargo versions sometimes write out a lockfile that triggers parse failures in old Cargo versions. $ cargo +1.41.0 check ... Finished

wormtql Yas Yet Another Genshin Impact Scanner 又一个原神圣遗物导出器 介绍 基于CRNN(MobileNetV3_Small + LSTM)字符识别模型,使用原神字体对原神中会出现的字符串进行训练,达到更高的速度和更精确的结果。 导出结果可以导入分析工具(例如 莫娜占

dtolnay Fast cargo install action This GitHub Action installs a Rust crate using precompiled signed binaries built on GitHub and hosted as GitHub release arti

rustcrypto RustCrypto: Utilities This repository contains various utility crates used in the RustCrypto project. License All crates licensed under either of Apac

sstadick cargo-bundle-licenses Bundle all third-party licenses into a single file. NOTE This tools is not a lawyer and no guarantee of correctness can be made

ilyazzz Simple popup for using marks in Sway This allows you to use vim-like marks in sway easily. Usage: bindsym --to-code $mod+m exec sway-marker mark binds

moriturus Ktra is an implementation of the Alternate Registry that is introduced for non-public crates in Rust/Cargo 1.34.

cardoe cargo-ebuild cargo ebuild is a Cargo subcommand that generates an ebuild recipe that uses cargo.eclass to build a Cargo based project for Gentoo Insta

rust-mobile deprecated in favor of which works with winit master Android Glue Usage With Docker The easiest way t

onur cargo-license A cargo subcommand to see license of dependencies. Installation and Usage You can install cargo-license with: cargo install cargo-licens

keens cargo-pack-docker A cargo-packer for docker; package your application into a docker image to deploy without Dockerfile THIS PRODUCT IS ALPHA STATUS. U

jfrimmel cargo-valgrind A cargo subcommand, that runs valgrind and collects its output in a helpful manner. This command extends cargo with the capability to d

museun cargo-whatfeatures Table of Contents Install Notes on color Usage License Examples Features list the features for the latest version list the features

the-lean-crate cargo diet is a companion program of The Lean Crate Initiative to help computing 'optimal' include directives for your Cargo.toml manifest. 'optimal'

bytecodealliance cargo wasi A Bytecode Alliance project A lightweight Cargo subcommand to build code for the wasm32-wasi target. Guide | Contributing Installation To i

dtolnay Cargo tally cargo tally is a Cargo subcommand for drawing graphs of the number of crates that depend directly or indirectly on a crate over time. Usag

nix-community crate2nix crate2nix generates nix build files for rust crates using cargo. Same dependency tree as cargo: It uses cargo_metadata to obtain the depende

kellpossible cargo-i18n This crate is a Cargo sub-command cargo i18n which can be used to extract and build localization resources for your crate. The i18n-embed l

roblabla Cargo Travis Record total test coverage across in-crate and external tests, and upload to The goal is to eventually have feature parity

phaazon cargo sync-readme A plugin that generates a Markdown section in your README based on your Rust documentation. How does this work? Basically, this tool

lu-zero Cargo C-ABI helpers cargo applet to build and install C-ABI compatibile dynamic and static libraries. It produces and installs a correct pkg-config fi

volks73 cargo-wix: A cargo subcommand to create Windows installers A subcommand for Cargo that builds a Windows installer (msi) using the Wix Toolset from the

mre cargo-inspect What is Rust doing behind the scenes? There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as

bbqsrc cargo-ndk - Build Rust code for Android This cargo extension handles all the environment configuration needed for successfully building libraries for

koute A cargo subcommand for the client-side Web This cargo subcommand aims to make it easy and convenient to build, develop and deploy client-side Web appl

rust-osdev cargo-xbuild Cargo-xbuild is a wrapper for cargo build, which cross compiles the sysroot crates core, compiler_builtins, and alloc for custom targets.

flamegraph-rs [cargo-]flamegraph A Rust-powered flamegraph generator with additional support for Cargo projects! It can be used to profile anything, not just Rust p

RustSec cargo audit Audit Cargo.lock files for crates with security vulnerabilities reported to the RustSec Advisory Database. Requirements cargo audit requir

embarkstudios ❌ cargo-deny cargo-deny is a cargo plugin for linting your dependencies. See the book 📕 for in-depth documentation. To run on CI as a GitHub Action,

nabijaczleweli cargo-update A cargo subcommand for checking and applying updates to installed executables Documentation Manpage Installation Firstly, ensure you have