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iinc0gnit0 What is RVuln? RVuln is multi-threaded vulnerability scanner written in Rust Features Scans for XSS vulnerabilities Multi-threaded scanning To-Do Work

adam-mcdaniel ⚓ harbor ⚓ A language that ports: examining the limits of compilation. Demo | Crates | Contact Me Written in Rust 🦀 💖 NOTE: Click the images above f

nicolas-van rust-cross-compile-example A working example of multi targets compilation for Rust using Github Actions. It compiles a hello world example in Rust usi

egoist dum replaces npm run. Instead of waiting 200ms for your npm client to start, it will start immediately. 💛 You can help the author become a full-time

irevenko 🎨 🦀 ferris-fetch Inspired by gofetch 💖 🛠️ Cross platfrom System Info Tool for Rustaceans 🦀 Installation 🔨 cargo install ferris-fetch Contributin

LukeMathWalker Cache the dependencies of your Rust project and speed up your Docker builds.

STBoyden Ocean is a project manager, similar to Rust's Cargo, for C and C++ written with Rust - that other systems programming language. The command syntax is very similar to that of Cargo's.

dtolnay Compile-time temporary directory shared by multiple crates and erased by `cargo clean`

alopatindev Cargo wrapper which limits compiler messages number. Error messages come first.

iomentum cargo-scaffold is a flexible and easy-to-use developper tool to let you scaffold a project. It's fully configurable without writing any line of code. It generates any kind of projects with a developer friendly CLI.

lightspeed Palisade (IPA: /pæl əˈseɪd/) is a tool that reads from changelog and version files then uses them to cut releases of software. This tool is intended to be run by CI tools on every commit to master.

newrelic Rusty Hogs Rusty Hog is a secret scanner built in Rust for performance, and based on TruffleHog which is written in Python. Rusty Hog provides the fol

pczarn gearley • An Earley parser engine. Work in progress. You can check the documentation here. This engine is meant to be a foundation of an optimized par

joshtriplett metadeps lets you write pkg-config dependencies in Cargo.toml metadata, rather than programmatically in This makes those dependencies declar

doctorn trait_eval We all know Rust's trait system is Turing complete, so tell me, why aren't we exploiting this??? Who needs const-fn when we've got a crate

lu-zero autotools/configure&make support for A build dependency to compile a native library that uses autotools or a compatible configure script + ma

frol FlatBuffers flatc API for Rust This crate provides a programmatical way to invoke flatc command (e.g. from to generate Rust (or, in fact, an

fanzeyi cargo-play cargo-play is a tool to help you running your Rust code file without manually setting up a Cargo project. See it in action Install cargo in

fusion-engineering git-version Embed git information in your code at compile-time. use git_version::git_version; const GIT_VERSION: &str = git_version!(); The version nu

compass-rs sass-rs Api documentation on This crate is a wrapper around libsass, currently tracking v3.6.4. To build this crate on Windows, you will need

twinklebear ispc-rs A small library meant to be used as a build dependency with Cargo for easily integrating ISPC code into Rust projects. ispc-rs is split into t

rust-lang cmake Documentation A build dependency for running the cmake build tool to compile a native library. # Cargo.toml [build-dependencies] cmake = "0.1" T

mozilla sccache - Shared Compilation Cache sccache is a ccache-like compiler caching tool. It is used as a compiler wrapper and avoids compilation when possib

rust-lang pkg-config-rs Documentation A simple library meant to be used as a build dependency with Cargo packages in order to use the system pkg-config tool (if

sagiegurari Rust task runner and build tool.

mxseev The project is in low maintance now Use WasmPack instead Webpack Rust loader Webpack loader for Rust Example #[no_mangle] pub fn add(a: i32, b:

peaceiris GitHub Actions for mdBook rust-lang/mdBook Setup Action. We can run mdBook on a virtual machine of GitHub Actions by this mdBook action. Linux, macOS,

icepuma Rust Github Action 'Silverbullet' for a quickstart Rust CI based upon Github Actions What's inside the "box": Rust 1.44.0 Rustfmt Clippy Cargo Release

SiegeLord An example of using CMake with Rust. Try it! mkdir build cd build cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/tmp make -j make test -j make doc -j make install

dtolnay cargo-expand Once installed, the following command prints out the result of macro expansion and #[derive] expansion applied to the current crate. $ ca

liuchong cargo-x A very simple third-party cargo subcommand to execute a custom command Usage install cargo-x cargo install cargo-x or upgrade cargo install -

cargo-generate cargo-generate cargo, make me a project cargo-generate is a developer tool to help you get up and running quickly with a new Rust project by leveragin