Crates to help you deal with events independently of the main program flow, using techniques like futures, promises, waiting, or eventing

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SeaQL SeaORM 🐚 An async & dynamic ORM for Rust SeaORM SeaORM is a relational ORM to help you build web services in Rust with the familiarity of dynamic lan

tvallotton suspend fn Disclaimer: this was mostly made as a proof of concept for the proposal below. I haven't tested if there is a performance cost to this macr

co-rs cogo cogo coroutine for rust Cogo is a high-performance library for programming stackful coroutines with which you can easily develop and maintain mas

weiznich A async interface for diesel Diesel gets rid of the boilerplate for database interaction and eliminates runtime errors without sacrificing performance

vfsfitvnm Intruducer A Rust crate to load a shared library into a target process without using ptrace. This is a portable rewrite of dlinject. Compatibility It

basedjakfan2 ouma libc ouma libc is a free implementation of C standard library in Rust language for Linux-based systems. It aims to be secure, small and correct.

bytedance Monoio A thread-per-core Rust runtime with io_uring. δΈ­ζ–‡θ―΄ζ˜Ž Design Goal As a runtime based on io_uring, Monoio is designed to be the most efficient and

SpringQL What is SpringQL? SpringQL is an open-source stream processor specialized in memory efficiency. It is supposed to run on embedded systems like IoT dev

Finomnis tokio-graceful-shutdown This crate provides utility functions to perform a graceful shutdown on tokio-rs based services. Specifically, it provides: Li

bearice RustCat Another cute running cat animation on your windows taskbar. but without a fat dotnet runtime requirments. Inspired by Kyome22/RunCat_for_windo

apollographql Apollo Router The Apollo Router is a configurable, high-performance graph router for a federated graph. Getting started Follow the quickstart tutorial

jedisct1 time-format This crate does only one thing: format a Unix timestamp. Splitting a timestamp into its components The components_utc() function returns t

tearosccebe We often heard a lot of zero-cost/zero-overhead people who claim C++ EH is zero-cost at happy path without any concrete measurement. However in realit

vertexclique Nuclei: Proactive IO & Runtime system Nuclei is a proactive IO system which is runtime agnostic and can work with any runtime. The proactive system's

irrustible futures-micro To futures-lite as futures-lite is to futures: smaller. Features: Fun tools to write everything as async fns. Tiny, with no dependencies

jam1garner Colors A zero-allocation no_std-compatible zero-cost way to add color to your Rust terminal to make people go owo. Supports: Display Debug Octal Lower

stjepang async-semaphore An async semaphore. A semaphore is a synchronization primitive that limits the number of concurrent operations. License Licensed under

stjepang async-rwlock An async reader-writer lock. This type of lock allows multiple readers or one writer at any point in time. The locking strategy is write-

cri-o CRI - Container runtime in Rust This repository is a hacking space for a new container runtime in Rust. Scope of the project includes: grpc support cg

yoshuawuyts broadcast-channel Async broadcast channels API Docs | Releases | Contributing Installation $ cargo add broadcast-channel Safety This crate uses #![den

nbdd0121 X11 over Vsock Background Windows will reset all external TCP connections when network changes or when PC resumes from disconencted sleep/hibernation,

async-rs async-global-executor A global executor built on top of async-executor and async-io Features async-io: if enabled, async-global-executor will use asyn

teddriggs Newtype Variant Conversions Rust macro crate to automatically generate conversions from variant types into the target enum. This crate requires Rust 1

tokio-rs tokio-uring A proof-of-concept runtime backed by io-uring while maintaining compatibility with the Tokio ecosystem. This is a proof of concept and not

mitsuhiko tokio-unix-ipc This crate implements a minimal abstraction over UNIX domain sockets for the purpose of IPC on top of tokio. It lets you send both file

intendednull Wactor WASM actor system based on lunatic. Actors run on isolated green threads. They cannot share memory, and communicate only through input and outp

bloodyowl rescript-express (nearly) zero-cost bindings to express Installation Run the following in your console: $ yarn add rescript-express express Then add r

byte-js Byte Byte is a easy and productive runtime for Javascript . It makes making complex programs simple and easy-to-scale with its large and fast Rust API

spk Rust Sidekiq Client Sidekiq client allowing to push jobs. Using the Sidekiq job format as reference. Dependencies rand redis r2d2-redis serde_json Ins

ipetkov conch-runtime A Rust library/runtime for executing Unix shell commands. Quick Start First, add this to your Cargo.toml: [dependencies] conch-runtime =

riker-rs Riker Overview Riker is a framework for building modern, concurrent and resilient systems using the Rust language. Riker aims to make working with sta

diwic A thin main loop for Rust Because Rust's native GUI story starts with the main loop. (Although this library might be useful for many other use cases t