Crates to help you deal with events independently of the main program flow, using techniques like futures, promises, waiting, or eventing

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intendednull Wactor WASM actor system based on lunatic. Actors run on isolated green threads. They cannot share memory, and communicate only through input and outp

bloodyowl rescript-express (nearly) zero-cost bindings to express Installation Run the following in your console: $ yarn add rescript-express express Then add r

byte-js Byte Byte is a easy and productive runtime for Javascript . It makes making complex programs simple and easy-to-scale with its large and fast Rust API

spk Rust Sidekiq Client Sidekiq client allowing to push jobs. Using the Sidekiq job format as reference. Dependencies rand redis r2d2-redis serde_json Ins

ipetkov conch-runtime A Rust library/runtime for executing Unix shell commands. Quick Start First, add this to your Cargo.toml: [dependencies] conch-runtime =

riker-rs Riker Overview Riker is a framework for building modern, concurrent and resilient systems using the Rust language. Riker aims to make working with sta

diwic A thin main loop for Rust Because Rust's native GUI story starts with the main loop. (Although this library might be useful for many other use cases t

wusyong smol-potat Proc macro for smol runtime. This is the macro to help you initializing smol runtime on your binary, test cases and benchmark. Usage is sim

dwango fibers This is a library to execute a number of lightweight asynchronous tasks (a.k.a, fibers). Documentation Note that fibers heavily uses futures to

rxrust rxRust: a zero cost Rust implementation of Reactive Extensions Usage Add this to your Cargo.toml: [dependencies] rxrust = "0.8.3" Example use rxrust::

davidbm Acteur Actor System A safe & opinionated actor system written in Rust that just works. Simple, robust, fast, documented. Status update I taking some t

jonhoo streamunordered A stream that efficiently multiplexes multiple streams. This "combinator" provides the ability to maintain and drive a set of streams

taiki-e futures-async-stream Async stream for Rust and the futures crate. This crate provides useful features for streams, using async_await and unstable gene

dowwie tokio-pg-mapper tokio_postgres-mapper is a proc-macro designed to make mapping from postgresql tables to structs simple. Why? It can be frustrating to

leshow tokio-i3ipc This crate provides types and functions for working with i3's IPC protocol within tokio. It re-exports the subcrate i3ipc-types because it

pauan This is a Rust crate that provides zero-cost Signals which are built on top of the futures crate. Hold on, zero-cost? Yup, that's right: if you don't

AldaronLau Pasts Minimal and simpler alternative to the futures crate. Goals/Features No required std / alloc No macros at all (no pin_mut!() macros inserting un

rusty-celery A Rust implementation of Celery for producing and consuming asyncronous tasks with a distributed message queue. We welcome contributions from everyone

udoprog unicycle A scheduler for driving a large number of futures. Unicycle provides a collection of Unordered types: FuturesUnordered StreamsUnordered Index

berkowski mio-serial: A serial port IO library MIO. mio-serial provides a serial port implementation using mio. Usage Add mio-serial to you Cargo.toml: [depende

jaycefayne swayipc   A Rust library for controlling swaywm through its IPC interface. This library can be used in either a synchronous or asynchronous manner. Th

whatisaphone genawaiter This crate implements stackless generators (aka coroutines) in stable Rust. Instead of using yield, which won't be stabilized anytime soon,

davidmcneil Rants An async NATS client library for the Rust programming language. The client aims to be an ergonomic, yet thin, wrapper over the NATS client proto

pholactery Event Sourcing An eventsourcing library for Rust One of the benefits of event sourcing is that in most cases, embracing this pattern does not require

cetra3 TMQ - Rust ZeroMQ bindings for Tokio This crate bridges Tokio and ZeroMQ to allow for ZeroMQ in the async world. Currently Implemented Sockets Request

ebkalderon tower-lsp Language Server Protocol implementation for Rust based on Tower. Tower is a simple and composable framework for implementing asynchronous se

rousan multer-rs An async parser for multipart/form-data content-type in Rust. It accepts a Stream of Bytes as a source, so that It can be plugged into any a

async-email async-native-tls Asynchronous Native TLS API Docs | Releases Native TLS for async-std or tokio. This crate uses SChannel on Windows (via schannel), Se

async-rs async-tls Async TLS/SSL streams using Rustls. API Docs | Releases | Contributing Simple Client use async_tls::TlsConnector; use async_std::net::TcpStr

restioson xtra A tiny, fast, and safe actor framework. It is modelled around Actix (copyright and license here). For better ergonomics with xtra, try the spaad

asomers futures-locks A library of Futures-aware locking primitives. These locks can safely be used in asynchronous environments like Tokio. When they block,

najamelan async_executors Abstract over different executors. The aim of async_executors is to provide a uniform interface to the main async executors available

dimbleby c-ares-resolver DNS resolvers built on c-ares, for asynchronous DNS requests. This crate provides three resolver types - the Resolver, the FutureResol