A curated list of Rust code and resources.

Newest releases

borkdude This is very much an experiment and I'm open to feedback on where to take this next.

lborb The Little Book of Rust Books

adam-mcdaniel Shell scripting that will knock your socks off.

kobigurk Aggregatable Distributed Key Generation

cloudhead miniserde minus the dependencies

mrtc0 A tool that uses the credentials stored in 1password as an environment variable.

yuchunzhou A file storage service

rust-lang An implementation and definition of the Rust trait system using a PROLOG-like logic solver

gmorenz Experimental Quantum Computer Simulator + Quantum Chess Implementation

denisidoro Easily share data between different terminal windows – filetree sidebar

rtyler Zap - A simple cross-platform configuration management and orchestration tool

ryangjchandler Scribble is an experimental terminal text-editor written in Rust. This project is being used as a way of improving my Rust skills and playing around with new ideas and concepts.

cympfh Cumin: Structured Typed Configuration Language Written in Rust

jpochyla Fast Spotify client with native GUI, without Electron, built in Rust. Very early in development, lacking in features, stability, and general user experience. It is being tested only on Mac so far, but aims for full Windows and Lin

andrewchambers Bupstash is a tool for encrypted backups - if you need secure backups, Bupstash is the tool for you.

dspinellis This repository contains the source code of Unix speak program that appeared in the Third (1973) to Sixth (1975) Research Unix editions, slightly adjusted to run on a modern computer.

num3ric sol-rs is a small rendering toolkit for Vulkan, with a focus on real-time raytracing (which is not currently available via other APIs such as WebGPU). It hosts convenience wrappers but also exposes ash directly. Tested on Windows/

bahlo This is a Rust implementation of the original sony/sonyflake, which is written in Go.

mattsse With voyager you can easily extract structured data from websites.

octotep Crossterm plugin for the bevy game engine

ltoddy I write a Rust client library without 3rd party libraries recently

adder46 hstr-rs is shell history suggest box. Like hstr, but with pages.

djhworld Steganography library

kdl-org KDL is a document language with xml-like semantics that looks like you're invoking a bunch of CLI commands!

google Mundane is a Rust cryptography library backed by BoringSSL that is difficult to misuse, ergonomic, and performant (in that order).

flouthoc A tiny minimal container runtime written in Rust. The idea is to support a minimal isolated containers without using existing runtimes, vas-quod uses linux syscall to achieve isolated containers { namespaces, cgroups, chroot, unsh

as-com varint-simd is a fast SIMD-accelerated variable-length integer encoder and decoder written in Rust. It is intended for use in implementations of Protocol Buffers (protobuf), Apache Avro, and similar serialization formats.

octotep bevy_crossterm is a Bevy plugin that uses crossterm as a renderer. It provides custom components and events which allow users to develop games for the terminal.

djhworld Encode data into PNG images! Steganography tool

EmbarkStudios A light Rust API for Multiresolution Stochastic Texture Synthesis [1], a non-parametric example-based algorithm for image generation.

ejmahler RustFFT is a mixed-radix FFT library written in pure Rust

kolloch Log "request x-rays" for rust programs instrumented with tracing. This includes aggregated wall/own times as frequently found in flame graphs in a human-friendly text format.

jonhoo This map implementation allows reads and writes to execute entirely in parallel, with no implicit synchronization overhead. Reads never take locks on their critical path, and neither do writes assuming there is a single writer (mu