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knurling-rs probe-run Runs embedded programs just like native ones probe-run is a custom Cargo runner that transparently runs Rust firmware on a remote device. pr

imskr Rusty Skywalker A Powerful Bookmark Search Tool Powering Firefox & Chrome! Prerequisites Make sure you have Rust installed. $ curl --proto '=https' --

LukeMathWalker Zero To Production / Code This repository complements the Zero To Production book: it hosts snapshots of the codebase of our email newsletter project

jam1garner Colors A zero-allocation no_std-compatible zero-cost way to add color to your Rust terminal to make people go owo. Supports: Display Debug Octal Lower

rhysd hgrep: Human-friendly GREP hgrep is a grep tool to search files with given pattern and print the matched code snippets with human-friendly syntax high

wborgeaud ECFFT algorithms on the BN254 base field This crate implements structs and traits for the ECFFT algorithms from the paper Elliptic Curve Fast Fourier

arindas sangfroid A load balanced thread pool. How does it work? We maintain a binary heap of worker threads. Worker threads are ordered by the number of pend

rust-zkp PLONK This is a pure Rust implementation of the PLONK zk proving system Usage use ark_plonk::prelude::*; use ark_ec::bls12::Bls12; use rand_core::OsRn

Owez argi Argument parsing for the future 🚀 Features Macro-based approach, providing an intuitive way to layout a cli Rich auto-help generation, styling b

HarryCU JVMTI Bindings for Rust This project provides complete JVMTI bindings for Rust Warning The project is currently only available for testing. Example cd

Diggsey spanr A tool for procedural macro authors to be able to interactively view and debug the Spans on generated code. Screenshot Example usage #[proc_macr

jamadazi Bevy Cookbook Click Here List of concise recipes for how to do common game development tasks in the Bevy game engine. Please help improve it and keep

Uriopass Inline tweak Inline tweaks is based on this blogpost by tuxedo labs. Tweak any number literal directly from your code, changes to the source appear wh

stjepang async-semaphore An async semaphore. A semaphore is a synchronization primitive that limits the number of concurrent operations. License Licensed under

jamadazi Bevy Cheatsheet Click Here Concise cheat sheet to show the exact syntax for common features and programming patterns in the Bevy game engine. Please h

bisoncorps Rust library for performing basic cloud storage actions across major cloud providers e.g aws

kanidm Kanidm: A simple, secure and fast identity management platform

fanatid Yes, I know about GPU generators. ./solana-nice-address --help solana-nice-

MOL0ToK This tool analyzes first stage of TCP handshake (SYN) and recognize operating system of client Build To build sp0ky, you need to install Rust git clon

blyxxyz os_display Printing strings can be tricky. They may contain control codes that mess up the message or the whole terminal. On Unix even filenames can c

vrmiguel unixstring UnixString is an FFI-friendly null-terminated byte string that may be constructed from a String, a CString, a PathBuf, an OsString or a col

Morganamilo Paccat Print pacman package files Usage paccat [options] <targets> -- <files> a target can be specified as <pkgname>, <repo>/<pkgname>, <url> or <file

richardanaya Cyberdeck A library for easily creating WebRTC data channel connections in Rust. let mut cd = Cyberdeck::new(|c, msg| { if let Some(m) = msg {

aramperes onetun A cross-platform, user-space WireGuard port-forwarder that requires no system network configurations. Usage onetun opens a TCP port on your loc

trickster0 RedLizard - A Rust TCP Reverse Shell with SSL RedLizard Rust TCP Reverse Shell Server/Client This is a reverse shell in Rust called RedLizard, basical

LukeMathWalker actix-web-flash-messages Flash messages for actix-web Web applications sometimes need to show a one-time notification to the user - e.g. an error mess

DenSASoftware kantig - create low-poly images Create low-poly images in your command line. This program has a variety of options and allows the use of stdin/stdout

ChevyRay Crunch A rectangle packer, written in Rust, for cramming lots of rectangles into a larger one. It is designed primarily with sprite-packing in mind (e

ekzhang Crepe   Crepe is a library that allows you to write declarative logic programs in Rust, with a Datalog-like syntax. It provides a procedural macro tha

stjepang async-rwlock An async reader-writer lock. This type of lock allows multiple readers or one writer at any point in time. The locking strategy is write-

LPGhatguy Thunderdome Thunderdome is a gladitorial generational arena inspired by generational-arena, slotmap, and slab. It provides constant time insertion, lo

orogene orogene Yet another JavaScript package manager, I guess. License Licensing decisions are controlled by Cross-License Collaborative Members, as defined

dustyfresh HSRSH Hidden Service Reverse Shell, aka HSRSH This was a quickly written tool for demonstrating a reverse shell over a hidden service all in one binar