A curated list of Rust code and resources.

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vlad17 Like parallel --pipe --roundrobin but load balancing is performed based on input line hashing. When performing keyed aggregations in child processes this is crucial since then only one shard contains a given key.

1Password A Rust library and command line tool to harden Electron binaries against runtime behavior modifications.

zerotier ZeroNS provides names that are a part of ZeroTier Central's configured networks; once provided a network it

dskart Rustcraft is a simple Minecraft engine written in rust using wgpu.

basiliqio Basiliq is a very alpha REST API that replaces the need to write CRUD methods by exposing a standardized API to interact with a Postgres database

Qovery RedisLess is a fast, lightweight, embedded and scalable in-memory Key/Value store library compatible with the Redis API.

larksuite A toolkit designed to be a foundation for applications to monitor their performance.

datanymizer Powerful database anonymizer with flexible rules. Written in Rust.

silkenweb A library for building reactive single page web apps.

alarsyo lohr is a Git mirroring tool.

JmPotato An implementation of the FP-Growth algorithm in pure Rust.

Olaren15 uwu-tray fastest uwuifier in the west... now in your system tray for even faster uwufication! FAQ Which platforms are supported? Windows Linux MacOS H

intendednull Wactor WASM actor system based on lunatic. Actors run on isolated green threads. They cannot share memory, and communicate only through input and outp

trishume Proof-of-concept for a gigabyte-scale trace viewer This repo includes: A memory-efficient representation for event traces An unusually simple and memo

wtklbm The Rust standard library localization documentation now supports early previews in 104 languages, which can be used as smart tips for IDE tools to help Rust developers quickly understand the Rust API and improve the development e

webrtc-rs A pure Rust implementation of WebRTC stack. Rewrite Pion WebRTC stack in Rust

optuna kurobako is a command-line tool to benchmark black-box optimization algorithms.

jamesmunns A simple, single-future, non-blocking executor intended for building state machines. Designed to be no-std and embedded friendly.

AkiaCode Rust library that can be reset if you think it's slow

twitter rustcommon is a collection of common libraries we use in our Rust projects. This includes datastructures, logging, metrics, timers, and ratelimiting.

zellij-org Zellij is a workspace aimed at developers, ops-oriented people and anyone who loves the terminal. At its core, it is a terminal multiplexer (similar to tmux and screen), but this is merely its infrastructure layer.

osohq Oso is a batteries-included library for building authorization in your application.

PsichiX At least once in your Rust dev lifetime you wanted to make sure all code examples in your markdown files are up-to-date, correct and code is formated, but you couldn't make that done with already existing tools - fear not!

rusticstuff Blazingly fast API-compatible UTF-8 validation for Rust using SIMD extensions, based on the implementation from simdjson. Originally ported to Rust by the developers of

philip-peterson πŸ‚ A Rust-based simulated DOM (browser-independent replacement for web_sys)

TOETOE55 lens implemented in rust

apache Welcome to the implementation of Arrow, the popular in-memory columnar format, in Rust.

j-selby This is a simple, display-only (for now) port of OxidGB to the Raspberry Pi Pico.

apache DataFusion DataFusion is an extensible query execution framework, written in Rust, that uses Apache Arrow as its in-memory format. DataFusion supports

kdash-rs KDash - A fast and simple dashboard for Kubernetes Note: This is a beta version and is work in progress _ __ ___ _ | |/ /| \ __ _ __

bloodyowl rescript-express (nearly) zero-cost bindings to express Installation Run the following in your console: $ yarn add rescript-express express Then add r

kitten prosemd is an experimental proofreading and linting language server for markdown files. It aims to provide helpful and smart diagnostics when writing