A curated list of Rust code and resources.

Newest releases

quarkslab Rewind is a snapshot-based coverage-guided fuzzer targeting Windows kernel components.

orhun Rustypaste is a minimal file upload/pastebin service.

Wilfred Difftastic is an experimental structured diff tool that compares files based on their syntax.

zakarumych Alkahest is serialization library aimed for packet writing and reading in hot path. For this purpose Alkahest avoids allocations and reads data only on demand.

al-jshen A zero-dependency crate for fast number generation, with a focus on ease of use (no more passing &mut rng everywhere!).

Sh1Yo Based on the amazing research by James Kettle. The tool can help to find servers that may be vulnerable to request smuggling vulnerability.

snoyberg This repository is a work in progress, experimental exploration of strongly typed routing in Rust. It follows my previous work with Yesod in Haskell.

andreev-io Raft distributed consensus algorithm implementation & CLI visualization.

tangramdotdev Tangram is an all-in-one automated machine learning framework.

zesterer A fancy diagnostics & error reporting crate

PicoJr Detect if code is running inside a virtual machine (x86 and x86-64 only).

dwisiswant0 A fast tool to scan client-side prototype pollution vulnerability written in Rust. πŸ¦€

rustdesk A working demo of RustDesk server implementation

antoyo This is a GCC codegen for rustc, which means it can be loaded by the existing rustc frontend, but benefits from GCC: more architectures are supported and GCC's optimizations are used.

gakonst Terminal UI implementation and types for the Dark Forest game

microsoft The windows-app crate makes the Windows App SDK available to Rust developers. It is powered by the the windows crate.

orhun Rust port of the Terry Davis' (RIP) "god says" program

iovxw Lightweight Telegram RSS notification bot. η”¨δΊŽζΆˆζ―ι€šηŸ₯ηš„θ½»ι‡ηΊ§ Telegram RSS ζœΊε™¨δΊΊ

sansyrox An async python framework with the backend runtime written in rust

larksuite rsmpeg is a thin&safe layer above the FFmpeg's Rust bindings, it's main goal is safely exposing FFmpeg inner APIs in Rust as much as possible.

mgattozzi Can you make a module for zsh written in Rust? Yes, yes you can and this is a proof of concept. It's a start but I have no idea how to use Module, things are definitely safe to use probably, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some

mitchmindtree A real-time implementation of "Ray Tracing in One Weekend" using nannou and rust-gpu.

laysakura πŸ” Encrypts all the Serialize.

nathom youchoose - A simple, easy to use command line menu for Rust.

mattsse Besides their size, rust binaries have a significant disadvantage: rust binaries are not memes yet.

robiot Rustcat is a port listener that can be used for different purposes.

actuday6418 Diary is a TUI program written in Rust for GNU/Linux / *BSD / Android (It probably works on other platforms too, but who cares) that helps you write a digital journal from the comfort of a TUI. It ecrypts both text and file data,

facundoolano rpg-cli is a bare-bones JRPG-inspired terminal game written in Rust. It can work as an alternative to cd where you randomly encounter enemies as you change directories.

ChrisDenton Installs only the necessary Windows 10 .lib files to save you having to download the full Visual Studio package. You can either download the zip file or the installer.

surban Asynchronous interface to official Bluetooth Low Energy APIs on Linux (BlueZ)

ekzhang Efficient and minimal collaborative code editor, self-hosted, no database required

HouraiTeahouse A (almost) 100% pure safe Rust implementation of GGPO-style rollback netcode

RedDocMD Cork is a simple command-line calculator, mainly targeted towards people who deal with hex numbers