MVC Components for Rails.

Apotomo Web Components for Rails. Overview Do you need an interactive user interface for your Rails application? A cool Rich Client Application with dashboards, portlets and AJAX, Drag&Drop and jQuery? Is your co

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glacials FriendlyUUID is a Rails gem that shortens your UUID records' URLs.

bullet-train-co Nice Partials provides a light layer of magic on top of traditional Rails view partials to try and make them an even better fit for extracting and reusing components in your views.

amatsuda A boot time booster for Ruby on Rails that defers loading the whole bloody routes so the app can spin up quickly 🤘

hotwired Hotwire is an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire.

charkost Prosopite is able to auto-detect Rails N+1 queries with zero false positives / false negatives.

excid3 🆔 Friendly Prefixed IDs for your Ruby on Rails models

rswag Rswag extends rspec-rails "request specs" with a Swagger-based DSL for describing and testing API operations. You describe your API operations with a succinct, intuitive syntax, and it automaticaly runs the tests.

Shopify Ruby on Rails is the framework of choice for web apps at Shopify. It is an opinionated stack for quick and easy development of apps that need standard persistence with relational databases, an HTTP server, and HTML views.