:chart_with_upwards_trend: The Rack Based A/B testing framework

Split πŸ“ˆ The Rack Based A/B testing framework https://libraries.io/rubygems/split Split is a rack based A/B testing framework designed to work with Rails, Sinatra or any other rack based app. Split is heav

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Betterment TestTrack Rails Client This is the Rails client library for the TestTrack system. It provides server-side split-testing and feature-toggling through a simple API. If you're looking to do client-side assignment, then check out

Betterment TestTrack TestTrack is an open-source split-testing and feature-toggling system written in Ruby on Rails. Key features and design decisions Uses a stateful server to provide consistent experiences for customers

ankane Field Test ? A/B testing for Rails Designed for web and email Comes with a handy dashboard Seamlessly handles the transition from anonymous visitor to logged in user Uses Bayesian statistics to evaluate results

Betterment WebValve WebValve is a tool for defining and registering fake implementations of HTTP services and toggling between the real services and the fake ones in non-production environments. This library is made possible by the incr

HatBashBR HatCloud - discontinued HatCloud build in Ruby. It makes bypass in CloudFlare for discover real IP. This can be useful if you need test your server and website. Testing your protection against Ddos (Denial of Service) or Dos. Clo

fastlane-community clean_testflight_testers plugin Getting Started This project is a fastlane plugin. To get started with fastlane-plugin-clean_testflight_testers, add it to your project by running: fastlane add_plugin clean_testfli

amatsuda Heaven's Door A tiny Rails engine that generates capybara test scenario by recording browser operation in development env. Installation Add this line to your Rails application's Gemfile (in most cases, for development

amatsuda still_life What's This? still_life is a testing framework enhancements for test-unit, minitest, RSpec, and Capybara that records all HTML response body texts that are rendered during E2E or unit test executions.