Betterment's framework for locally developing and testing service-oriented apps in isolation with WebMock and Sinatra-based fakes

WebValve WebValve is a tool for defining and registering fake implementations of HTTP services and toggling between the real services and the fake ones in non-production environments. This library is made possible by the incr

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flood-io Ruby-JMeter Ruby-JMeter is built and maintained by Flood IO, an easy to use load testing platform for any scale of testing. Tired of using the JMeter GUI or looking at hairy XML files? This gem lets you write test plans

mbj mutant Mutant is a mutation testing tool for Ruby. The idea is that if code can be changed and your tests do not notice, then either that code isn't being covered or it does not have a speced side effect. Mutant support

watir watir Watir Powered By Selenium! Using Watir This README is for people interested in writing code for Watir or gems in the Watir ecosystem that leverage private-api Watir code. For our users, everything you'll

teampoltergeist Poltergeist - A PhantomJS driver for Capybara Poltergeist is a driver for Capybara. It allows you to run your Capybara tests on a headless WebKit browser, provided by PhantomJS. If you're viewing this at

fredwu ApiTaster NOTE If you want to use this gem with Rails 3x/4.0 please specify version 0.7.0 in your Gemfile. Version 0.8 of this gem is compatible only with Rails 4.1. A quick and easy way to visually test you

iridakos DuckRails DuckRails is a development tool. Its main purpose is to allow developers to quickly mock API endpoints that for many possible reasons they can't reach at a specific time. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duc

codegram Spinach - BDD framework on top of Gherkin Spinach is a high-level BDD framework that leverages the expressive Gherkin language (used by Cucumber) to help you define executable specifications of your application or library's

rr RR RR is a test double framework for Ruby that features a rich selection of double techniques and a terse syntax. Learning more A whirlwind tour of RR What is a test double? Syntax between RR and other dou