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airbnb Description This cookbook configures Airbnb's SmartStack. SmartStack is our service registration, discovery and monitoring platform. It allows you to

inspec Chef InSpec: Inspect Your Infrastructure Project State: Active Issues Response SLA: 14 business days Pull Request Response SLA: 14 business days For m

braintree Runbook See our blog post for the philosophy behind Runbook and an overview of its features. Runbook provides a DSL for specifying a series of steps t

testdouble A gem that ensures test isolation by preventing your Rails tests from committing to the database

rubycdp Ferrum - Headless Chrome Ruby API

amatsuda still_life What's This? still_life is a testing framework enhancements for test-unit, minitest, RSpec, and Capybara that records all HTML response body texts that are rendered during E2E or unit test executio

amatsuda Heaven's Door A tiny Rails engine that generates capybara test scenario by recording browser operation in development env. Installation Add this line to your Rails application's Gemfile (in most cases, for d

fastlane-community clean_testflight_testers plugin Getting Started This project is a fastlane plugin. To get started with fastlane-plugin-clean_testflight_testers, add it to your project by running: fastlane add_plugin cle

HatBashBR HatCloud - discontinued HatCloud build in Ruby. It makes bypass in CloudFlare for discover real IP. This can be useful if you need test your server and website. Testing your protection against Ddos (Denial of Service) o

Betterment WebValve WebValve is a tool for defining and registering fake implementations of HTTP services and toggling between the real services and the fake ones in non-production environments. This library is made possible b

ankane Field Test ? A/B testing for Rails Designed for web and email Comes with a handy dashboard Seamlessly handles the transition from anonymous visitor to logged in user Uses Bayesian statistics to evaluat

Betterment TestTrack TestTrack is an open-source split-testing and feature-toggling system written in Ruby on Rails. Key features and design decisions Uses a stateful server to provide consistent experiences for

Betterment TestTrack Rails Client This is the Rails client library for the TestTrack system. It provides server-side split-testing and feature-toggling through a simple API. If you're looking to do client-side assignment, then

fredwu ApiTaster NOTE If you want to use this gem with Rails 3x/4.0 please specify version 0.7.0 in your Gemfile. Version 0.8 of this gem is compatible only with Rails 4.1. A quick and easy way to visuall

iridakos DuckRails DuckRails is a development tool. Its main purpose is to allow developers to quickly mock API endpoints that for many possible reasons they can't reach at a specific time. If it looks like a duck, walks

mbj mutant Mutant is a mutation testing tool for Ruby. The idea is that if code can be changed and your tests do not notice, then either that code isn't being covered or it does not have a speced side effect. Muta

flood-io Ruby-JMeter Ruby-JMeter is built and maintained by Flood IO, an easy to use load testing platform for any scale of testing. Tired of using the JMeter GUI or looking at hairy XML files? This gem lets you write

watir watir Watir Powered By Selenium! Using Watir This README is for people interested in writing code for Watir or gems in the Watir ecosystem that leverage private-api Watir code. For our users, everythi

rr RR RR is a test double framework for Ruby that features a rich selection of double techniques and a terse syntax. Learning more A whirlwind tour of RR What is a test double? Syntax between RR and

codegram Spinach - BDD framework on top of Gherkin Spinach is a high-level BDD framework that leverages the expressive Gherkin language (used by Cucumber) to help you define executable specifications of your application or

teampoltergeist Poltergeist - A PhantomJS driver for Capybara Poltergeist is a driver for Capybara. It allows you to run your Capybara tests on a headless WebKit browser, provided by PhantomJS. If you're viewing this at https://gith

strongqa Ruby-based framework for acceptance testing of web applications. The framework was built with modern patterns, techniques, and tools in automated testing in order to speed up tests development and simplify supporting.

assaf Vanity Vanity is an A/B testing framework for Rails that is datastore agnostic. All about Vanity: http://vanity.labnotes.org On Github: http://github.com/assaf/vanity Installation Setup Datasto

splitrb Split 📈 The Rack Based A/B testing framework https://libraries.io/rubygems/split Split is a rack based A/B testing framework designed to work with Rails, Sinatra or any other rack based app. Spl