Static Site Generation

Static Site Generation

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sorbits Glim — Static Site Generator Glim is a static site generator which is semi-compatible with Jekyll but faster and with some additional features: Running serve will generate content as requested by the browser (lazy

planetjekyll Awesome Series @ Planet Jekyll Jekyll • Jekyll Themes • Jekyll Plugins • Jekyll Editors Awesome Jekyll A collection of awesome Jekyll goodies (tools, templates, plugins, guides, etc.) ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for awes

thoughtbot High Voltage Rails engine for static pages. ... but be careful. Danger! Static pages? Yeah, like "About us", "Directions", marketing pages, etc. Installation $ gem install high_voltage Includ

henrylawson Photish Photish is a simple, convention based (but configurable) static photo site generator. Photish allows you to group your photo collections by folder. Metadata can be written alongside the photo in a YAML file with